Haunted Houses In Maine, Not Just A Halloween Attraction.

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Haunted houses in Maine, not just popular around the Halloween trick or treating spot on the calendar.

In our job listing, marketing and selling Maine real estate, we have the topic come up about spooks on the premises. vending machine photo

And some would argue, if the Maine house is haunted, does that raise the value or hurt it?

Depends if you are Stephen King, someone making a movie.

Or writing a book with the desire to find a property listing in Maine with a spooky history.

Often the stories around the haunted house in Maine are passed around, embellished. Added to big time like anything heard on the grapevine. People like a good tale. To chew the fat and discuss things.

Make it entertaining. Or just contribute something to the story thread. True or not is not so critical for idle chatter. To stay in the spotlight.

Down at the barber shop, sitting on a stool munching at the local Maine diner. Or while grabbing an armful of essentials at the corner Piggly Wiggly convenience corner store. Killing time in line at the check out.

And over a long Maine winter, there is plenty of time to tap into the imagination.

Haunted houses tales from past folklore and the local rumor mill shared.

While playing cribbage, ice fishing or watching a hockey puck, maybe an orange ball. So back to haunted houses in Maine you ask?

 We had a house listing in Hodgdon Maine with the reputation of being haunted.

So we disclose it and have sold it a couple times. With no one mad later on because we did not leave out the discussion about spooks.

And what we learned about this haunted house in Maine story line is it all started with a loose electrical connection. jeep way fun maine photo

Read more about the what happens each Halloween, as the last day of October approaches each year in Maine.

Have a little fun.

We have some homes that are scary but not due to spooks and spirits. No moans or clanging chains. Or saws with chains. Just tons of work in the job jar.

The skinny on the Hodgdon Maine haunted home.

Do you tell or not? In Maine, we have full disclosure about the property listing. And as the real estate broker marketing it to get the sticks and bricks to a property closing, you want to avoid you did not dislose this, that.

Rumors about whether the home is haunted and asking lots of questions.

That works best in learning as much as possible. No questions asked, no answers forthcoming. Same with murder, suicides in homes in Maine, any state.

Unless you can show the home being haunted was the reason for loss of life and not just a mental condition or way way off their medication,  an overdose, then it is just hearsay.

In my experience, the home in Maine we sold reportedly haunted made the new owners smile. And later conversations asking them if it was true, they enjoyed the attention. maine apple cider photo

But during a property Maine house resale, I have seen a real estate buyer be very enthused and then back away because of second thoughts.

Or a girlfriend saying they would not want to live in a place shared with spooks. Even a Casper, the friendly ghose type.

Haunted homes in Maine for sale, have we run into them? Yes and it does not matter if we believe in someone staying home and not moving on to the “other side”.

The delay to the step or flight to the next dimension can add a wrinkle to the marketing of real estate.

Like the query “got any swamp land in Maine for sale? Not coming up a lot. Because not many people come into the front door to the agency specifically asking for stigmatized property either. One with people whispering about it and create a big buzz.

Not always one that makes a real estate home buyer wannabee feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

But rather a little cold and clamy and with something causing the hairs on the back of their neck to stand up. maine lake photo

What’s the expression about getting your hackles up like animals experience?

Yeah, that kind of feeling.

People want to avoid, not add to their problems.

Because most already have enough drama in their life. But we do have wicked good deals, scary low prices on some properties in Maine that are on the chopping block. Gotta go and can not stick around or linger on the real estate market.

So, do you have to disclose legally if a place, a home, house for sale is haunted? If the new owner is going to have to share the home with ah, other tenants. Like witches, warlocks, ghosts and goblins.

Have had a listing for a property where there was a hole in the ceiling the size of a bullet. It was from a prior suicide the estate owner disclosed. Which was the reason all the other rugs in the 1972 mobile home were the older harvest gold variety. videos mooersrealty

But a brand new one was put in to replace the bloodstained one in the bedroom. Sad, tragic but it does happen in real estate, in life. And we deal with the joys of a new couple buying their first home, the pair buying a waterfront place for their kids to enjoy.

And downsizing when elderly happens to the home owner in Maine. Haunted houses in Maine for sale, one more variety to deal with and disclose. Even though with some effort, haunted house situations can be dug up and passed about during the property sale.

Divorcing property owners, splitting up the house can be the scariest Maine real estate story.

Not always with a happy ending which comes out of the should I stay or should I go.

Had one home for sale in Maine where around midnight on New Year’s Eve the host decided to pull out the hunting rifle and took his life. Again, it was not the property or house he grew up in that caused the pull the trigger.

But where it happen, when it is gruesome, it is different than someone dying in their sleep peaceable.

Everything happens in real estate because that is home, where we live and the life of the folks inside the four walls, under the roof. All that often takes place is at home sweet home property address.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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