Head To The Maine State Fair!

Maine Local Area Video

See The Big Draft Horses, Maine Farm Animal Exhibit With Video

To see a photo that someone took from visiting the Maine fair makes you wish you had gone.

Get a cotton candy. Maybe order a dough boy. Sample, eat one of those Italian sausages. Smell them grilling, smothered in onions, heaped green and red peppers? Go check out the antique car show, tractor exhibits. Take a spin on the ferris wheel for a grand view of the medway, vendors, outdoor entertainment. 

Maine Local Area Video But with only one single image from the event, maybe a short write up, not really much information is relayed to the viewer, reader. Not much to take away from the pretty exciting local Maine community event.

A photo is an image, millisecond frozen in time while real full motion video with sound packs a bigger “you are there”.        

It becomes up close and personal.  

But with local Maine community area videos, that Maine State Fair horse show delivers the watcher, listener to the venue, event. Making it way way more fun. A lasting never fade memory remembered by the person enjoying the video. Check out all our local Maine area community videos.

 Maine Draft Horse Class State Fair In Houlton ME Video. 


And if you have the time, see more of the 4th of July multi day celebration in Houlton Maine below. Fireworks from beside the Meduxnekeag River, Riverside Park’s new foot bridge were a nice touch last year. More fireworks, larger sky and ground display, demolition derby car heats all showcased at Houlton Maine’s Community Park too. 

Midnight Madness Down Town Houlton Maine Video


Link to the a Houlton Maine 4th of July Parade Video.


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