Help Finding A Maine Home For Sale You Can Afford.


Everyone needs a helping hand, some assistance and our job is to find a Maine home for sale or other property listing you can afford.

That meets the needs of what you want to do with the real estate in Maine you invest in and use to enhance your life someone. barharbor5

The goal is not to just list and sell the most expensive Maine homes or to push the label “high end”.

No no, it is about having a good selection of all the property listing types, the A to Z of the real estate in Maine for sale.

So any type, location, price range you happen to be needing, we don’t have to say go fish. Fresh out. Or to make you wait for us to find something that could meet the need.

All low key, a down to Earth approach with no script. That works best. To learn by listening, taking very good real estate notes. On what you need, and then being a matchmaker, not a high pressure real estate salesperson.

To get you what you are after quickly, making it as pleasurable an experience for everyone.

Time waits for no one. You also can not “sell meat from an empty wagon”. Inventory is king, queen, jack and all the other cards combined important. So start by letting us know here at MOOERS REALTY what you are after.


Hand over, don’t hold tight ly the gotta have list to your chest. Start letting  us help figure out what you can do with what you have for resources. To explore the possibilities. fireworks4thofjulyhoultonmaine

Tackling your current situation is our mission and it is a pleasure to be able to serve you with your Maine real estate needs.

And part of our job is to be a local community tour guide. Living here, loving small Maine town living means sharing the information. Whatever is needed, please consider us the local go to, a portal for where to turn for what and when.

You would do the same for me if I was relocating, investing in your local area right? Sure you would. You know more about where you now live from experiences. We can provide that valuable knowledge on this end of the trail.

Our ME In Maine blog posts shed a light on simple living in the Pine Tree State affectionately dubbed Vacationland.

There are a slew of topics covered and less of the real estate sticks and bricks thrashed on that channel.

flickrtemplatemaineThis blog post stream tries to hit the main topics from getting financing, where to turn to learn about shoreland zoning and owner financing methods of buying Maine real estate.

And everything in between.

We blog daily, upload images, produce videos, cover the local beat.

I love where I live, work, play. There is no better place to raise a family and enjoy life. I hope it shows in all we do. Home town proud is hard to keep a secret.

Discover Northern Maine. Learn more about my home town Houlton Maine.

So please, call, text, email, visit us. Whenever you can and however it works best. soapboxderbymaine

There is nothing more enjoyable then to hear from buyers, sellers of Maine real estate or just folks dreaming of being in Maine.

Our job is to help make that happen.

Where to stay in Houlton Maine. How best to get here, what to expect. To run the interference and remove any and all the obstacles of getting information on Maine.

We know the straightest path from listing to financing to real estate closing sit down for the transfer of property listings for sale in Maine. No runarounds or wild goose chases.

Whether seasonally for a cheap Maine vacation property. Or for some land, a farm, a lot on a Maine lake to build a dream home on for full or part time use. We cover it all. have for over 36 years and our agency in Maine has been listing, peddling properties for sale since 1976.

Here to help. No or down the road. You just have to let us know what you need, how we can do that. When you are in the mood, market for something to buy or sell for Maine real estate.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730

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