High Property Taxes, Too Much Regulation Makes Buyers Pick Vacationland.

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Daily the emails, phone calls and office visits to our Maine real estate agency have revolving common themes.

The out of state property buyer had had it up to here, there over a couple issues. Too high property taxes and feeling down country they are out of control. No ceiling or end in sight. brochure-ad mooers photo

And two, right along with those increasing taxes on their properties layers and layers of regulations.

 Permits for this, that and much you can not do with your highly taxed out of state real estate.

Code enforcement officials all over the place where they want to leave.

Selling their home and looking for a new one in Maine. Whether existing or building from scratch.

 And a third pleasant surprise happens on the spending side of their decision making to list there, buy a property listing in Maine.

 Car insurance in the 4th lowest crime area, where Northern Maine is half that pretty amazing statistic is often two third’s less here.

Why? Less people, fewer accidents, easier times on the roadways in Maine that are in great shape. Any time of season.

 Snow in winter, it’s just another season.

Plus folks have experience driving in snow. Crews have the equipment to clear highways. Second nature on what to do, when, how.houlton maine courthouse photo

And when you see another area of the country receive a few inches and sheer panic hits, local Mainers smile.

Think or mutter kindly “amateurs”.

The strong deep tug on the heart strings of an out of state buyer make Maine an attractive vacine. To cure what ails them caused by sheer population numbers. Too crowded happening.

 And small Maine town living is simpler, more connected with greater community involvement. Our recreation is no or low cost too when you have Vacationland in your back yard.

 Less people means more time to spend outdoors without interruptions.

Traveling cross a Maine town happens quickly.

 Heck you can walk to places with ease. No worries about gangs, crime by shootings, risky neighborhoods to avoid.

 That is not Maine.

 A place that is safe. Unspoiled, natural, real. Few traffic lights if any. Brighter stars, cleaner air and water in Maine too. maine log-truck photo

Friendlier people who wave, extend pleasantries, hold doors open and let you go in traffic.

Displaying manners, an effort to go along to get along because we all need each other in our smaller populated rural turf.

 You have to break the news to the out of state buyer for Maine real estate to expect lower wages too.

 But if everything you buy, including property, the Maine real estate is cheaper, than less in the pay envelope is easier to accept. As part of the bargain.

And what keeps those whipper snappers wanting to be flush with cash to splash and impress to think about heading south.

 Or you can bring your job out of state to Maine with you, not Mooers Realty Search Photoleave it behind if the boss says we want to go too.

Telecommute to Maine, work your old job with new surroundings here in Vacationland.

 You would think appreciate alone for the drop dead gorgeous beauty of spacious Maine would be enough to seal the deal for someone moving, relocating, retiring to the Pine Tree State.

 But often it is what he out of state buyer can not stomach anymore where they live in an urban area that is the carrot and stick that gets the sell there, buy here in Maine into gear.

 What is your reason for dreaming about being in Maine full or part time? Love to hear from you, connect and help in the process to assist you in your quest to be up here in the right hand corner of the country, in New England’s State of Maine.

 I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker


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