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We write a lot of blog posts in Maine and the ones on saving money go through the roof for views, clicks.

Like one awhile back about heating fuel oil assistance in Maine helpful links, information. But it is time for an update on help for heating your home in Maine this winter. sun mist maine winter photo

Because keeping kids in an apartment, household, elderly people warm while the snow piles up in Maine is pretty important stuff.

Not to be neglected, overlooked.

Before it is an emergency for Maine heat oil assistance and the tank is bone dry, temperatures diving, dipping lower.

Help with your winter home fuel utility bills is serious stuff when the northeast wind howls. Snows piles up deeply.

And the structure housing you, your loved ones is screaming all over for  inadequate insulation.

To make it more efficient to heat and stay cooler when it is the hottest day of July in a Maine home.

We have blog posted before on  Joe’s oil, heating assistance for low income individuals.

And content about lowering fuel consumption, the best place to start after tightening up a house. To switch it up to what technology has brought us.

For the long term solution to easing the problem of staying warm. How to pay for it year in and out in a cold weather state with a winter season like Maine. The one up here in the upper right hand corner of the country.

Keeping heat in a Maine home so you don’t see your breath, the house plants and pets not look so well. Being warm, well fed and in a home, an apartment unit you can have your family traditions in is so important in a person’s life.

More on the Maine Housings weatherization programs providing grants to homeowners and renters to tighten up the four walls, floor, roof and windows.

birds nest in maine photoAnother helpful link for weatherization if you are in Maine, don’t want to be shivering, cold.

Saying, teeth chattering, repeating BRRRrrrrrr from trembling lips.

The help for heating your Maine home, weatherizing and insulating it pretty critical stuff.

When you don’t live where palm trees grow. Especially with little ones, older members of the family who should not be cold. No one should have to be.

Or worry about going without food to pay for heat. Of go to bed at night with little or none of either. That does not help a person have faith that tomorrow will be a better day. And everything else in their lives suffers, spirals downward, sideways because of it.

Energy tax credits to squeeze those heating fuel dollars are worth looking into as well.

Loans to make it attractive, possible to retrofit, update and streamline the heating component in a house, apartment where people live comfortably. cows in maine photo

Lots of heat pumps seen these days around the neighborhoods of Maine intown and out in the country.

Hanging off houses, creating winter heat, summer cooling with high efficiency. To get away from foreign dependence on oil.

Natural gas, electric, wood pellet stoves and furnaces, wind generators, solar all are not crazy ideas to consider. Wood has been burned for a long time in a state 91% forested.

It is looking pretty smart to have a number of ways to heat a well insulated Maine home.

So you can straddle the energy spikes of each and pick the method, route to heat your home best at the time. The house you dwell in the most efficiently, whatever is most economical needs you to stretch those monthly dollars.

That come in, go out quickly in Maine a state rich in outdoor natural beauty. But pretty frugal for survival on what is tucked in the wallet, carried in the purse. Earmarked for warm and cozy inside conditions all winter long in Maine.

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