Homes For Rent In Houlton Maine, Aroostook County.

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So you are looking for, tracking anything that moves that resembles a home to rent in Houlton Maine.

They don’t grow on trees and there is a reason. Homes for rent don’t make money for the owner. So when that happens, long term rentals that don’t pay the bills make a sale the most important goal. boy and the boot houlton maine photo

But renting the home in Houlton Maine can be a viable option when the seller is out of the area.

That seller  needs anything they can receive for rent. So they get help for the wallet or purse carrying the overhead of all those property for sale expenses.

It can be a mutal situation where a renter does not want long term and the seller can still have the home marketed for sale.

To not miss out on a real estate sale of the house he or she needs to replace somewhere else. Or to just have it sold because no longer used because the property owner has gone into an apartment, assisted living or off to the great beyond.

The reason for the shortage of homes to rent in Houlton Maine is the low to the ground price tags of houses for sale in the Shiretown of Aroostook County.

More on renting vs owning a Maine home in a small rural market. Everything you know about real estate property prices in larger markets which eight out of ten are doing time, divide by three and four. Same with the cost of property insurance due to being the 4th lower crime state for misdeeds. The local income is less but you won’t need to make so much to live in Northern Maine where everything is cheaper.

FACT: In Houlton Maine, the surrounding small towns and platantions, you can buy a quality home and the monthly payment is less than market rent.

Sure the new property owner has maintenance to provide, the cost of insurance, property taxes but it still is well worth it. If the credit allows the renter to be a buyer of a home sweet home, stop renting and start owning.

 You don’t see but hear often the questoin online and over the phone, in the real estate office lobby “got any rent to own homes“?

This arrangement is often because the renter want to be buyer in time is not able to get financing now on a home or a year from now. horses in group photo

How to they stand up under scrutiny of pass bill paying for goods and services? Checking their credit and ability to buy a home and eventually get it financed is a very important details to iron out right up front.

So the expectations on how this all turns out is out in the open and with no gray areas. As is often the case, you the property owner has a worry. You want to pick the best renter available to match the objective to sell the home, not just rent the house in Houlton Maine.

Buying a place to lease out can work though as in the case of waterfront property rentals which often break it down into more lucrative by the week arrangements for tourists, vacationers.

The same folks end up renting the same week each year for their vacation in Maine. We are all creatures of habit and where we like to return to in Maine bears that out from our experience with handling real estate for approaching thirty seven years. parade in houlton maine photo

Homes to rent in Houlton Maine are also scarce beyond it being cheaper to buyer than lease out someone else’s roof, floor and four walls.

Lots of folks out in the real estate audience that share the same desire. Buying a low cost fixer upper home that needs some TLC but is structurally sound is a portion of the local property market that never cools off.

Cheaper than rent, you get a whole home that is not being shown, not for sale and you can flip it when the time is right.

The landlord tenant housing laws have done a 180 degree swing. From the days where renters were treated like farm animals and booted out without cause or without rights to protect their possession.

But like correction in society often has happen, too many rights and forgetting the home owner makes it a delicate situation.

Once a tenant in in possession there are lots of legal procedures to delay the eviction and trips up and down court house steps more than once come into the dog and pony.

Why bother and not feeling it is worth the hassle and legal billable hours with damage to the premises adding to the cost of repairs once you the landlord do get the place emptied out to start all over. Or leave the place vacant figuring it is cheaper in the long run to just not take a chance. houlton maine photo

Sizing up the tenant to match the renter with the property owner’s needs to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Does discrimination in rental properties in Maine happen?

It is not illegal or violation fair housing statutes to ask for a credit report.

To see how the tenant for the Maine home or apartment checks out in the paying their bills, meeting their financial obligations department. That part of the interview for housing should be black and white necessary.

A heart to heart reach out and talk with not just the current landlord who is anixious to see them move along. Who will give over the top glowing reports make it necessary to drill down deeper for the real truth on whether they will create trash or treasure once they get done renting the home or apartment.

To the one before that that has a different report that could make the property owner decide not such a hot idea to rent to these folks wanting the keys to the house locks. Or to anyone for the weak in the stomach home owner cautiously considering renting out their precious investment, the family home.

Homes for rent in Houlton Maine, apartments for lease happen.

But sometimes a short three month rental agreement is all the tenant needs penned with the ink. Because they are travel nurses on working vacations at the local hospital or working on the border. In a job in customs, immigration, border patrol that all spiked in number since 911 happened.

Please call, email or stop in and we can talk about any housing situations that benefit both the property owner, the homeless folks new to the area on the hunt for a home to rent in Houlton Maine. Looking for rent in Houlton Maine or thinking of buying, selling a Maine home?

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