Homes For Sale In Houlton Maine Under 100000



Homes for sale in Houlton Maine under 100,000 dollars.

It’s no hoax or cruel joke. Happens all day long. Check out and see for yourself what’s available for current housing available in this price bracket. Affordable homes, plenty of selection is never a problem when you are house hunting in rural parts of Maine. Most of Maine is sparsely populated, pretty much spacious and not jammed in. We are a tad off the beaten path which makes it peaceful not expensive or crowded. homes for sale under 10000

Living in Maine when housing costs are lower, you find you don’t need to be chomping at the bit for a pay raise.

Getting by on less and learning to take money right out of the equation is what simple living in Maine is all over. Is it like that where you live now?

What do you get in the price point of homes for sale in Houlton Maine under $100,000 ?

If you scan the sneak a peek link for this price bracket, you see garage, extra bath, fireplace, lots of land and get a place to call home that is not neglected, not a foreclosure property. The extra value in buying a home in Houlton definitely helps the relocating buyer moving to Maine after a recent house sale out of state. Heading to Maine is definitely the right direction to point the car you drive or horse you ride. The out of state home buyer considering small town simple living in Houlton Maine gets more bang for their buck.

Even living in Maine, the housing market values can swing wildly.

The listing prices go up the closer to people you get. Maine only has a handful of cities and is predominantly small rural locations. In the country locations, the price for a home does not spike way up or hang on, down low.

The same home for sale in Houlton Maine for around the $70,000 price point costs in access of $200,000 for apples to apples housing. The land under the home adds considerable costs for the buyer. The larger lot sizes are more precious unless you head further out into the bedroom communities for a Maine city.

More travel time to work, the jobs means lower price tag when looking through the inventory of what’s for sale when buying a home in Maine.

We score high for little hanky pank mischief making. Maine, the 4th lowest crime state, it is not homes for sale houltonavoiding a rough end of town neighborhood or poor community for quality of living.

The geographic location of where you want to be, close to schools, your job, church, Walmart or the hospital all play into the best property fit for your house buying budget.

The homes for sale in Houlton Maine under $100,000 would mean a monthly payment roughly $473.

The house for sale above has two baths, big pond, 4.5 acres of land, paved driveway and parking lot and one huge garage! It is cheaper to buy than rent or build in Aroostook County’s oldest town of Houlton Maine. The cost to insure it is lower than most expect who had a their last home where triple locks and chains, security cameras are the norm. In Maine, we truly only lock doors to keep honest people out of our homes. Or to prevent the wind from blowing open a loose latch to invite the wildlife, fall leaves or the cold from entering the Maine home.

The homes for sale in Houlton Maine under $100,000 have more than a house lot helping of ground around them.

It is not uncommon for two, three and more acres to be included no extra charge when buying the Houlton Maine home. Maybe you do want a pony, to raise something bigger than a standard garden. Or other hobbies like a future shop or barn structure are in your future plans. mortgage payment 100000 hou

And lots of Houlton Maine homes for sale loaded with extra for even less than that line in the sand of $100,000.

You can shop around and quickly find something like this one just put under contract. The picture to the right shows a 2 bathroom, vinyl sided, metal roofed, up to 4 bedroom edge of town Houlton home for in the $60’s price bracket. I know, it’s true. Affordable housing, little money for a lot of home is how Maine small towns rock and roll best.

Just for the heck of it, check out how much more value for little more money you get for homes for sale in Houlton Maine under $200,000. You find the higher the price the thinner the buyers so instead of building new. It’s most usually a smarter move to seriously check out what is already built to consider buying. The local pay scale is kept lean so you don’t have to go head over heels into debt. Maine simple living is not about big mortgages and living high on the hog to impress anyone. Free and clear, no mortgage debtless is what we are taught as young grasshoppers.

Do you need a job in Houlton Maine, are you still in the land of the working looking for a weekly paycheck?

Or maybe you are in the golden years, planning retirement, relocation in the move to Maine. No matter where you are in the speed of life, get value. More housing, especially when search for homes for sale in Houlton Maine under $100,000.

WARNING: For anyone new to rural Maine low to the ground real estate prices, the knee jerk first instinct reaction to anything for sale under $100,000 might make you think “dump”.

houlton me homeBecause where you live now where everyone makes more and spends accordingly, anything in the beginning of six digit real estate property pricing is a wreck.

Or had a fire or was hit by a truck or just plain used and abused.

Smelling, holes where there should not be openings, and even worse has happened to a place ridden hard and put away wet.

Unlike areas of the country where there are a slew of telephone area codes, and a neighborhood sudivision has it’s own zip address, Maine is not that complicated. One area code of 207 does us just fine and dandy. Even with all those extra mobile numbers, fax lines and private phone numbers. And the Houlton Maine zip code of 04730 does not just cover the six by six mile township either. You can have a Houlton Maine zip code and be up in Monticello, Littleton, over in Linneus or out in Ludlow.

Something else to consider buying a home for sale in Houlton Maine of any price range or no matter how feature rich, the power utility provider.

Lots of local area home buyers are after Houlton Water Company for cheap juice. The utility is community owned, not for provide and if they make money on the grid, the rate you pay gets lowered. Neat huh? Welcome to Houlton Maine. More to share about the local are I call my home town too. Call, email, text, or stop in for a visit to Q & A. More on the FAQ.

Looking for another town in Maine and want to check out homes, farms, waterfront, small business properties?

Or maybe it is land, just Maine land you are after. Buying, selling, trading, MOOERS REALTY is here to help you in the move from A to B. Here to help and it all starts with the conversation getting underway. This real estate blog post centers around the topic homes for sale in Houlton Maine under $100,000 but you help us dial in different locations and the numbers.

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