Houlton Maine Houses, What Kind Of Homes You’ll Find.


What kind of homes in Houlton Maine will you find, what about the neighborhood housing types?

victorianhoultonmaineFor the most part, the majority of Southern Aroostook homes are from the late 1800’s and newer. Lots of country style rural Houlton Maine farm, New England type homes.

The classic main gable roof Maine home with an “L” that houses the kitchen, rear shed. And usually the section with the first floor bathroom when indoor plumbing was installed. Where the summer kitchen for canning used to be.

In town housing stock in Houlton Maine includes a variety of neighborhoods, home styles.

Classic Victorian Queen Anne with turrets. Lots of mansard roof classics. One English Tudor style home that looks like a modern day, scaled down Houlton Maine church at 100 Court Street.

A ton of Federal style homes like the one I own next to our Maine real estate office. That uses the carriage house for the list, market, sell (repeat) process. Colonials, bungalows, capes, Greek revival influenced homes in Houlton Maine are common too. And twelve churches in Houlton Maine show religious freedom to pick a wide selection of places to worship.

In the 1940’s, after World War Two, many capes were built in neighborhoods around Hogan, Bowdoin, Pearce, Elm, Byrd, Sterritt, Johnson Streets.

Along with Pleasant Court, Salem, Wilson, Drew, Abraham, and upper Pleasant Street.These newer subdivisions were not suddenly populated with houses though. Built one at a time, not by the tens, hundreds, thousands like some built up areas of the country.

In the early 1960’s a shift to ranch style homes in Houton Maine filled gaps in subdivisions that had empty lots of land. Neighborhoods like South, Alfred, Brook, Columbia, Sunnyside Extension, Madigan, Ridgeway, Mahar, Rogers, Fairview and Hillview were heavily ranch home dotted. Built with GI loans, Farmer’s Home Administration dollar down programs backed by Uncle Sam to give the Houlton Maine home buyer a leg up to house ownership.

Brick homes in Houlton Maine are not common. Built usually when a war was on and lumber was scarce. The downtown of Houlton Maine, Market Square radiating out in the commercial areas are predominantly brick or some form of stone masonry construction. Because of fires in Houlton Maine before public water supplies and beefed up blaze fighting equipment advances. 

The duplex behind the Houlton Lodge of Elks, two brick Maine Street homes, two side by side on upper Franklin Avenue, one cape on the east side of Spring Street. And one on Randall Street (formerly Park Avenue) that is masonry block along with another smaller initially a two family on Johnson Street. So if you are looking forHoulton Maine Fire Truck lots of brick solid made, three little pig approved homes in Houlton Maine, those are rare, a tad elusive.

Not so common. Oh yes, one more cement block building, the former Ricker College Library home that we currently have for sale is one more stunning example of Houlton Maine housing. Our Houlton Maine Fire Department protects our housing stock. And lowers your house insurance on Houlton Maine homes too.

Multi unit homes, houses in Houlton Maine number less than 700 total units.

With less than ten percent vacancies and generous zoning options to allow more multi unit apartment rental units in Houlton Maine. Rental houses, single homes with month to month leases happen.

But long term homes for rent in Houlton Maine are four leaf clover harder to find. Competing cheap housing prices are so low that the cost to break even on expenses for the owner is not possible with single family Houlton Maine home rentals. 

Outside of town smaller subdivisions of farm land in Houlton Maine have opened up new housing options. The desire to be roughly a mile and a half from shopping, schools, the hospital and Interstate 95 is a strong one in Houlton Maine. When the urge to build a Houlton Maine home strikes. Sometimes because the right fit, match for housing is not currently on the market. Or because once in your lifetime, building a home the way you want it, not the way another dreamed it up can be an exciting experience. Houlton Maine carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons and flooring professionals are very able bodied to create a stylish, attractive but economical to run, heat home. We have two primary local hardware lumber yards, supply stores. And local mills around Houlton Maine if it’s hammer time.

Mobiles homes in Houlton Maine, sure we have a very small handful.

 With six single wide, older mobiles grandfathered in with new 1966 building code language restricting any more being hauled in. Landed in the town limits. Outside of Houlton Maine proper you will see a trailer park near the old road to Canada, off Military Road or US Rt 2. Houlton Maine Has Lots Of Victorian HomesA few dotting the countryside. But because of the six pack of mobiles in Houlton Maine, the state figures the Shiretown is tolerant of the utility of that housing stock.

Spot zoning to allow more mobile homes, single wides does not happen unlike some areas of Maine. Where the comprehensive town plan has holes in it or is non existent to help shape the look, growth pattern of the housing stock in a particular Maine town.

Houlton Maine has a modular home distributor, Crawfords run by Carl and Patty. And many double wides, manufactured single and two story homes have been hauled in from Pennsylvania and Canada. Rolled into place, erected, constructed on site. Predominantly in the country where new housing lot potential exists.

Due to empty lots in Houlton Maine for housing being at a premium. For home building land that offer town services from a locally owner Houlton Water company. That also provides power and sewage waste services around the muncipality of Houlton Maine. Town tax bills in Houlton Maine on houses, homes are sent out once a year, due October 15th.

Also, as for any bad areas, undesirable neighborhoods that are more crime riddled than others, well Houlton Maine does not have that worry. You’ll sleep just fine nights. There are no “better stay away from Houlton Maine neighborhoods” of dangerous crime, or gangs or the many other city blights urban areas have with increased population. And a transient population where the bad element can blend into the background and be harder to detect. Leave your taser uncharged, on the night stand. Won’t need it here like down country closer to Boston.

In Houlton Maine it is harder to be unnoticed if you are up to no good. And we are ready for a crime wave. In our friendly small town of Houlton Maine with half the state average as the 4th lowest for crime in the nation. Maine State Police, Aroostook County Sheriff protection, Houlton and US Border Patrol law enforcement along with game wardens all pitch in to ride herd. To serve and protect the citizenry of Houlton Maine, Southern Aroostook County. 

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