Houlton Maine Motel Rooms, Cabins, Camps, Rentals.

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You are after a motel room, cabin, camp, a rental place to stay in Houlton Maine, in Southern Aroostook County.

But look, wait, something is missing. Where are all the familiar chains for a place to lay your head? Because you need to get off the highway for some shut eye. Didn’t anyone offer to leave the light on for you?houlton maine places to stay photo

We sure did.

This blog post is a quick read to outline some options for your room, cabin, camp, rental stay in Houlton Maine.

Houlton Maine, a place on the map at the beginning of Interstate 95 and at the cross roads of US Rt 1, 2, 2A.

This blog post is designed to help you see the choices for your stay no matter how long or short your time in Houlton Maine.

Houlton Maine is not a crowded area. Not jammed with too many people or lots of traffic or crime. That’s a good thing.

But with those elements missing, with just less folks needing the motel room demand it means less choices in places to stay for motel rooms, a cabin for the night or place to park your camper trailer.

Other things too drop off in supply because there is not the high demand. We are a little ways off the beaten path.

In large population center, there are lots of motel rooms, places to stay and that’s just the expectation when you are in a hurry. It is what you are used to in large urban areas where eight out of ten people live.

Motel rooms pop up everywhere online, in tourist information center lodging hand outs.

But in small rural Maine towns and the handful of cities in an underpopulated state, good luck. Not as much shows up for motels, lodging options. Plus the price you pay is not going to get much help to lower it if using your Priceline, Expedia and other third party lodging dot coms designed to negotiate the rate down.

So you are traveling to Aroostook County, and what about Houlton Maine places to stay, motels, camps, cabins, lodging?

You have options for motels, rooms in Houlton Maine. The Shiretown Inn and Suites is one Houlton Maine motel room option. Just off the Exit 302 of Interstate 95.

Besides a room for the night, the Shiretown Inn and Suites in Houlton Maine also has larger, extended stay, longer lodging efficiency unit options. A sports pub where to eat option with musical entertainment at a venue called The Down Under.

Swing around back the Shiretown Inn and Suites, see the glass atrium, head down those stairs for something good to eat. Hit the spot when hunger happens. (Stomach rumbling, gurgling sound) Excuse me!houlton maine motel rooms photo

The health club, indoor year round pool with bar is an added feature for enhancing your motel stay at the Shiretown Inn and Suites.

The Southern Aroostook motel also has an apartment rental over the main office check in area.

Helping you get some shut eye, some rest with just one nights stay passing through is not all they offer Houlton Maine traveling motorists. They specialize in recharging the ones that are getting very very sleepy.

For many years big hotels like the Clark, Stanley, Willis, Exchange and the grand brick Northland Hotel across from the Houlton Maine post office where Bangor Savings Bank now operates.

shiretownmotelThose lodging options of yesteryear all took care of the weary travelers that came in on the Bangor and Aroostook trains, on buses, and even before cars when horse and buggies were the main mode of travel to Houlton Maine.

The County seat of Aroostook, the “Crown of Maine” and transportation hub.

The Shiretown motel complex is located at 282 North Road, Houlton, ME 04730  Right at the intersection of I-95 & US Route 1.

A Maine snow sledder’s hot spot after a trail ride. The Houlton I-95 exit 302 is next to the last. Exit 305 hits the airport loop and then you sail into Canada. You could stay over at the Best Western if local Houlton Maine motel rooms, cabins, camps, whatever your rental is full and no vacancy happens.airport in houlton maine exit 305 photo

Phone 207-532-9421 | Fax 207-532-3390 | Toll Free Reservations 1-800-441-9421 |


Other Houlton Maine motel lodging room options..

When you find you need a motel room in Houlton Maine for the night, another place to lay your head with a bed is Ivey’s Motor Lodge.

iveysmotel1It is located right off exit 302 of Interstate 95, the main artery connecting Aroostook County with the Atlantic Canadian provinces.

On the right hand side as you head north up US Rt 1, on the corner where south bound motorists spill out in US Rt 1.

There is a lounge, special appointed rooms to make your stay comfortable when you need lodging in Houlton Maine. Ivey’s Motor Lodge offers 50 spacious, clean and newly designed guest rooms and suites. shiretownmotel1

Both the Shiretown Motor Inn And Suites and Ivey’s Motor Lodge are next door to the Big Stop Restaurant for affordable, tasty dining options from Irving’s company run eating establishment. 

And handy to Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Burger King, Tim Hortens, Dunkin Donut, Subway and Tang’s Chinese Restaurant. All on this end of the town of Houlton Maine.

Walmart, Shop and Save Supermarket and the Maine Tourism Center all are within spitting distance, an easy walk of the Ivey’s and Shiretown motels complexes too. Leave your car parked in the motel lot. Hoof it easily.

The GPS address coordinates to punch in to your car dash or smart phone is 241 North Road
Houlton, ME 04730
(Intersection of I-95 and Route 1, Exit 302) Phone:  207-532-4206
Toll Free:  1-800-244-4206

Woodstock New Brunswick Canada is just a few miles beyond the US border crossing at I-95 exit 305.

Motel rooms for the overflow in the Houlton Maine area are easy options if you have your passport. And want to hop the US border for a place to stay in Canada.

There is a Best Western in Woodstock New Brunswick Canada and new lodging options come up daily to consider.

This blogger will try to double back and update the post to reflect new developments to save you time, money and expose the options for a motel room, lodging of any kind in this Northern Maine location.

See the below hyperlink of cross border round up of places to stay lodging options.

The Houlton Maine International Airport is located at last exit 305 of the Interstate 95 system. Or the first exit on this end of the connection to the Trans Canada highway network. That ends at the tip, in the Florida Keys, below Miami.

The Houlton Maine airport is well known for being an easy, friendly, quick place to clear customs and immigration paperwork. And for the lowest priced plane aviation fuel. Not just used for planes but for everything from weed wackers, chain saws and snow sleds to run clean and mean.

Yorks of Houlton Maine, a well establish car dealership also rents cars if you fly in and want to tool around Southern Aroostook, or over into the Atlantic Canadian provinces. Houlton Maine is a neat place to explore, discovering the warm friendly people and rich heritage. Aroostook County, where everyone is friendly, neighborly in Houlton Maine.

wolastoq motel inn & suites
Wolastoq Motel Inn & Suites At 627 North ST Houlton ME 04730.

Further up the US 1 highway, another lodging option is the Wolastoq Motel Inn & Suites.

Neat, clean, affordable lodging, motel in Southern Aroostook.

When you don’t want to have to second mortgage your primary house to come up with the coin to stay a few nights.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s a funeral, or a sick loved one in the local hospital needing your visit.

Maybe a class reunion, a celebration of a local that requires your visit quickly.

That’s what causes the need, quickly, last minute for a Houlton Maine motel room.

The Wolastoq Motel Inn & Suites is all totally renovated and  the ownership takes pride in making sure your room is tip top. And your stay is memorable.

motels inns suites houlton maine
Places To Stay In Houlton Maine, Try Newly Renovated Wolastoq Motel Inn & Suites. 207.694.0767 When You Climb Off Interstate 95 Houlton Maine Exit 302.

Offering friendly, helpful tourist information, tips on how to maximize your stay in Houlton Maine.The Stardust is clearly marked on ITS 83, the main snow sled artery for Northern Maine.

Dial in your GPS for 672 North Street, Houlton, Maine 04730 2 miles north of I-95 on US Route 1 in Southern Aroostook County. 

1-800-437-8406 or 207-532-6538 Local Houlton Maine Motel E-mail: Contact information.

There is also a set of rental lake side cabins at Tall Timber Lodge in New Limerick Maine.

Located on the shores of Drews Lakes, also known as Meduxnekeag Lake. Nine miles from Houlton Maine, off US Rt 2.Close enough to be convenient, but far enough away from the Houlton Maine convention, sporting event, musical festival or whatever brings you to the Shiretown, the County seat of Aroostook County.

drews lake maine photoTaking Interstate Exit 291 in Smyrna Maine is the quickest way to get to the Tall Timber Lodge.

Tall Timber is handy to Cameron’s Market, the best place for home made pizzas, sandwiches, refreshments, bait, gas and sporting supplies.

Your hosts Danny and Leslie Emerson are ready to book your Tall Timber Lodge cabin.

And also to rent out the main stone fireplaced lodge for weddings, reunions, flea markets, executive retreat meetings.

Or you think of the other party function needing the lodge, five cabins to rent and a big circus size event tent.

Tall Timber is located at the terminus of the North Shore Road of Drews Lake in New Limerick Maine.

Tall Timber Lodge for your Aroostook County outdoor recreation adventure jump off point. Stay here on the way through the Southern Aroostook County trip you are some kind of lucky to be taking. The one you won’t be forgetting too soon.

Email talltimberlodge@gmail.com  Call the Lodge 207.532.3300 Cell 207.532.4465

Another camping option with trailers or tents is Mattawamkeag Wilderness Park Campground too. Baxter Park is hard to get into and this is a low cost camping in Maine option nearby. For that yearly climb up Mt Katahdin, all the other sites around Baxter Park.

Brian King, camp ground manager tells me the 1000 acres of Maine land loaded with wildlife is at your fingertips to explore. Surrounds you, is owned by the town of Mattawamkeag Maine which keeps the costs down to attract families to camp in Vacationland.

Besides motels in Woodstock New Brunswick, up in Presque Isle Maine like the Hampton Inn, pictured, hyperlinked below there is also the Brookside Inn Restuarant and Motel at Interstate 95 Exit 291.

The Brookside Inn is a quaint motel nestled at the foot hills of Marley Mountain in Northern Maine.The Southern Aroostook nine units are handy to a slew of lakes.hamptoninn hotel maine photos

Two golf courses are very nearby and the ITS snow sled trails, ATV network leads right to the dooryard of the Brookside Inn.

The motel inn, a popular restaurant with daily specials  is equipped to meet your needs as you travel to Northern Maine.

Each motel room has two full size beds, satellite TV, wifi, and phones with free local calling, air conditioning and full baths.

The Brookside is right on Interstate 95 and easy to spot as you zip up the highway. The Maine motel and restaurant is located at 2277 US Route 2, Smyrna Maine 04780. Call ahead at 207.757.8456.

Email info@brooksideinn.com The Brookside Inn and Restaurant is very close to Timoney, Cochran, Spaulding Lakes in particular.

Eat here, stay here but you won’t be just sitting around just killing time in your motel room. Lots to do in this beautiful natural four seasons outdoor setting.

brookside inn smyrna maine photoMake the call, book the room at the Brookside Inn and Restaurant located southwest of Houlton Maine.Whever you stay, welcome to Houlton Maine, Southern Aroostook County. We’re glad you are here. Whew. You made it. 

Map of places to stay in the Houlton Maine area.

Check back for more options for lodging as we add to the list. To save you time, money, gas.

Scope out more new places, businesses too, like Mainely Adventures Lodge  in Hodgdon Maine. Read their guest book, see the testimonials. Neat owners, fun clean place to stay for the memory making. Call them at 207.431.0222.fall colors photo


Greenland Cove Cabins in Danforth Maine. Rideout’s Lakeside Lodge in Weston Maine. 

Things change and places come and go, new ones pop up too. Will keep this blog post timely, fresh and updated with more available choices as they come up. To save you time, money, frustration.

The mission. To help you find a place, a room to lay your head down for the night or those longer stays. And not have to lose an arm, leg, duplicate organ to pay for the roof overhead for that comfy bed, thick soft pillow.

Houses for rent in Houlton Maine area as they wait for a buyer to decide this is the one, and to get their affairs in order for the bank financing.

Those could be a possible lodging option. Call, email, stop in and let’s talk about that avenue.

We can make some calls, see what is available when you need a place to stay. Those homes for sale in Houlton Maine create a short stay option. Sometimes longer when the new owner is away for a year or more and wants, needs long term tenants to hold down the fort. 

Where to eat, dining options in Houlton Maine. Visit this unforgetable state with so many hidden jewel areas, gem for people treasure chest location. The one called Maine, big state, friendly people, low cost fun in Vacationland. Get here quick as you can.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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MOOERS REALTY 69 North ST Houlton ME 04730

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