Houlton Maine, Your Next Life Destination?

Who would do well living in Houlton Maine?

Houlton Maine Has Many Area Clean Lakes!

As a Maine REALTOR, we get lots of calls, emails, even text messages asking about the local area around Houlton Maine.

The new to the area buyer of real estate wants to know about the location they are about to invest in if everything checks out to their satisfaction. Quality of life is what everyone is after. Lifestyles, where to enjoy those pastime hobbies is key.
canoe houlton maine
Houlton Maine canoeing, river races are a spring ritual.

So who would be a good candidate for living in Houlton Maine?

Lots of segments in the audience could carve out a happy, enriching life in Houlton Maine. Families raising kids, elderly retiring so a slower pace. Those who want to enjoy the outdoor four season fun around Houlton Maine in Southern Aroostook County. Folks used to carrying a taser and glued to security systems won’t be living in fear or wasting time on personal safety worries in Houlton Maine.

For starters, here is a link on Historic Houlton Maine. Click here.

The location has lots of benefits. The cross border traffic with New Brunswick Canada and being close to everything Maine is famous for is a big perk. That attracts tourists year round and creates an affordable place to use as a base to explore the rest of Maine. That is one of the biggest reasons to buy here. There are perks for being a border town with Canada.

Border Town With Canada, Houlton Maine Is One.

Exploring the vast area of Maine that is called Vacationland with so many nooks and crannies to discover. Canada offers lots in the Atlantic provinces for a cross border visit. Heading over to King’s Landing or Prince Edward Island. To ski at Crabbe Mountain on the way to Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada.
But check out Downeast Maine for example on this site of the Maine Canadian border crossings. Besides Downeast, lots of other coastal regions like Boothbay Harbor Maine to visit. Or one of so many other places that just don’t exist out of state near the population centers across the USA.

So back to the blog post headline, who would be a good match for Houlton Maine?

If you are raising a family, nothing is better than instilling small town values into your kids. Who learn work ethic, how to make money and hang onto it with better spending impulse control. Taking better care of whatever they do purchase. Because they earned it with sweat, toil, discipline and patience. Anything worthwhile in live operates around those principles right?

Houlton Maine, Shiretown Of Aroostook County.

Appreciation for the great outdoors is part of the education too in simpler way of living life when you are lucky to live in a small Maine town.

Food that’s farm to table, where you know your local grower. That was not sprayed or altered in funky ways. More about what’s so great about living in a small Maine town.

Not having crime, traffic, pollution is a big part of what we don’t have that no one benefits from day to day. But when you live in a city, those elements are just part of the price you pay in the high cost of living in the concrete jungle.bluegrass

Small town living in Houlton Maine is personal, intimate and down to Earth real.

Home made not store bought. Not spun, not fake.

No one avoids eye contact or messes with someone else’s property. You are brought up with respect for others. To help others. To know the small community is not the empty downtown buildings or houses, streets but the people that live here. People of all ages.

Elderly people who want a safe environment would do well in Houlton Maine.

houlton maine
Everyone Pulls Up A Chair In The Park For McGill’s Outdoor Community Band Music Songs.
Or better put, active senior citizens that will need a degree of assisting living in time. Those services in place in Houlton Maine help to make their quality of life the best it can be. The same caring people who live in a small Maine town like Houlton are the ones who assist the elderly, put the time into youth programs too. And they contribute to make the small Maine town all it can be.

Lower cost real estate prices, a modern hospital, nursing home and help for whatever level of care is needed.

That is just part of what you get for a bargain with the investment in a small town like Houlton Maine. Lots of vibrant churches, parks and rec programs help new buyers of homes in Houlton Maine. So does high speed internet with practically the speed of thought for online connections.

Farming on a small or large scale, the Houlton Maine fertile soil will help that enterprise.

Regardless of whether you raise critters or crops, rural Maine has the location for growing food. We have the Houlton Farms Dairy here too which is an outlet for milk products.

local houlton maine fiddle pickers along a river bank.

Organic farming in Houlton Maine.

One local organic outlet for that food to table is growing great guns here.
The local Nature’s Circle Farm brokers food as a distributor to markets to the south. Their packing shed is located in New Limerick on the corner of US Rt 2 and the French Road across from Cameron’s Market. I own a Houlton Maine farm that I rent to Nature’s Circle organic farm operations.

Nature’s Circle grows and ship root crops, the bounty of other Houlton Maine area farm field products.

houlton me area farmers
Houlton Maine Area Farmers Produce Food For South Consuming Markets.

Just one example of many in the local area of Southern Aroostook County around Houlton Maine.

Local farmer’s market outlets for what you raise to help pay the bills. Make the farmstead in Northern Maine self sustaining. Or maybe more of a pleasurable hobby with a full time job doing something else. Farming is a lot of hard work, long hours, no sure bet. Because you depend on the unpredictable weather and fluctuating market prices to swing your way. Your profit is in your expenses farming in Houlton Maine.
maine farm houlton me
Houlton ME Farms, Producing Local Market Food That’s Wholesome And Low Cost.

Starting a business, providing a service for sales and repair is a good fit in Houlton Maine.

The lower cost of living helps take the scare out of stepping out to begin your own self employment enterprise. Or if you need a job, here is a what’s currently available for employment work in Houlton Maine. The outdoor options for fun, the Houlton Parks and Recreational programs that keep kits physically fit.

If you enjoy the outdoor wildlife, clean water and fresh air without all the crowds of people, Houlton Maine should get your attention. Ask us lots of questions. The trails, the four season options for recreation are endless. You can not get that in a city where everything is jammed together.

Tall buildings casting darkness and you get cold in the shadows. You don’t see the stars with all the pollution because too many people to share the concrete jungle. That’s not small town Houlton Maine.

In a city, maybe there is a central park that everyone uses but that’s it for open space and you can still hear the sounds of the city. It’s not like that in Houlton ME.

mount katahdin hiking
Hiking Mt Katahdin one yearly tradition climbing for this kind of view and perspective.

You can hear what time it is on the town center clock in Houlton Maine.

But that’s it. Just a breeze in the trees, the sounding of what hour it is. But take a city and how can you sleep without ear muffs? They say you get used to it. Sirens, traffic, trains, airplanes, everything night and day noisy. That’s not Houlton Maine where you can hear the time around the clock.

Fun to visit but would not want to live there in a city setting. Unfortunately eight out of ten people do time in a city because of greater employment. You make more but you have to because you end up spending more. Higher income bracket means Uncle Sam taps you harder when every April 15th rolls around again.

It takes a lot of out you beyond the salary to keep your head above the expenses in a city where you are on your own. In small town Maine living, everyone pitches in and helps each other. Is it like that where you live now?

If you don’t need a job in a small town Houlton Maine, and have a retirement income following you around the country, you are  golden.

Hit the Houlton community golf course, mingle and shop at the farmers market, check out a good book at the local Cary Library.

Pursue your hobbies, build a house or cottage, get out on the local lakes, fly fish the small trout brook. You have earned the time to chase your dreams.

Volunteering opportunities in small Maine towns like Houlton, the County seat of Aroostook abound.

Careful, pace yourself and once you find your niche, that is your job for life.

To work with others to make the area better and gain much inside yourself for a feeling of contentment, of personal satisfaction.

Head to the country just a few miles from downtown Houlton Maine and listen. Hear it? Just crickets, lake loons, the wind vibrating in the pine needles, water lapping up on shore.

Nature is your neighbor in small communities scattered around the Maine landscape.

Everyone gets along because there is space. Often “neighbor, what neighbor?” Getting used to it is easy. The timing to make it happen the best way for you is the tricky part. Here to start your home work on Houlton Maine. Pretty high about where I live and know you will be too for a whole bunch of individual reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to read down this blog post and please share it if you found it worthwhile! Houlton Maine, here to help you from a local insider who grew up in this oldest town in Aroostook County.

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