How Far To Houlton Maine, Mileage Calculator Please.

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The distance to northern Maine, how many miles?

How far to Houlton Maine from your end is hard telling without knowing where you are now! How far from here to there, to get you to Maine is going to take how long? Well, Maine is a big state.

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Made For Outdoors, Maine. Temperatures Go Up, Down, Sideways. Prepared For Anything.

Daily run into folks on line, over the phone and when away on vacation that ask the age old question.

The one about how far to Houlton Maine.

maine coastal highwaysAnd for many we know here it comes. When they initially share that they have been to Maine and that we must be near that same place.

No, we are not right next door to the Kittery Maine shopping outlets.

The location that is barely into Maine that is only a few whiskers across the big green bridge that connects to New Hampshire on the south end of Vacationland. Near Wells Beach, York Beach area?

Keep going… Higher up into Maine.

Maine is the largest of the New England states remember? My Aroostook County is the size of Connecticut and Rhode Island combined all by it self.

Next up, I’ve been to Bar Harbor, Portland Maine on a cruise ship is shared.

We getting warmer? So Houlton Maine is handy to that location right?

No, Maine is one big state. And the county I live in, Aroostook is the largest of the sixteen. Heck, you can go two hours north of where I list and sell real estate in Maine. If you do, welcome to the St John River Valley up in the crown of Maine.

 So think Interstate 95 that starts in Houlton Maine, ends up in Key West Florida.

The Interstate 95 corridor joins the Atlantic Trans Canada highway that leads to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island to due east into the Atlantic Maritime Canadian Provinces. I-95 has a raised, legal speed limit of 75 miles per hour north of Orono Maine.

So zipping, clipping north at a good rate means no traffic traveling up into all parts of Maine.

Unless you count deer, moose as highway obstacles to watch out for, to avoid hitting on the trip up Interstate 95. Northern Maine is like being at an outdoor natural Disney Land. But no lines at Space Mountain, any of the rides. Cool.

So driving miles to Houlton Maine

If traveling here, what is the damage for distance, what will the odometer rack up for miles as the wheels on your car or truck, motorcycle go round and round?

Houlton Maine is how far to…

Boston MA is 354 miles.  New York City is 565 miles. Hartford CT is 450 miles. Providence RI is 403 miles. Philadelphia PA is 655 miles.

Dial in your location, fill in ours at 69 North Street, Houlton Maine 04730 in this handy dandy Rand McNally mileage distance traveling indicator.

How many hours to drive the miles to Maine depends on do you clip right along without lots of stops? Go above, below the speed limit? Got a lead foot? Drive a Yugo or old low sped WW2 jeep? Something sleeker, minky expensive.

Delays do happen stuck in traffic out of state before you get to Maine.

Slow moving, crawling Driving Derby Cars In Houton Maine Road Raceprogress on the road happens in cities to the south, but welcome.

Maine. Not going to get road rage.

Or become hot around the collar because of too many motorists, 10 car pile up accident fender bender delays. Watch out for kids on bikes, a farm tractor or maybe a deer, a moose, game birds, distracted tourists.

Lots of room, space and the cars, trucks you do share the road to Houlton Maine with are friendly, helpful.

Folks flying into Maine tell us the attitude changes the closer you get to Vacationland too.

The smaller feeder jets, turbo prop airplanes have friendly people on board going home or visiting Maine.

The big ones, jumbo jets before that are more eyes forward, keep to yourself or take a nap. Tune out, read a book.

Not a lot of cabin chit chat atmosphere or attitude. Traveling across the big green bridge on the south end of the big state of Maine.

More on what to do, where to stay in Houlton Maine. Making, taking the trip by vehicle by car or truck to Houlton Maine. Speaking of numbers, Houlton Maine has one zip code that covers way more than the one township.

Hope this blog post on mileage, driving distances to get to Houlton Maine is helpful.

No matter what the weather too. Winter just another season. Means plowed and sanded roadways and traffic keeps moving. We are trained, grew up with winter snow on the roads to clear and have the skills.

Let us know where you are now and I can help plan your trip, determine the mileage to Houlton Maine.

 I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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