How Long Can A Lake Dock For A Maine Camp Be?

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How long can a dock be on a Maine camp?

Are there rules and regulations that spell out the specific length a dock out in front of your waterfront property/ Or the material that must be used? The answer to the lengh of a dock is that the length is not limited. Except for safety sake. drews lake maine photo

If your dock is going beyond just allowing the Maine lake camp owner to hop in for a spin.

To enjoy all that a Maine lake property offers for scenery.

The setting surrounded by trees and a playground to wildlife of all kinds.

To have the boat you pilot on a Maine lake from the camp, cottage or home.

To be able to motor freely glide in and out of it’s mooring spot.

After the playtime is done. For a place to park those floating lake water toys.

And not become a navigational hazard because the dock may be too far out into a traffic lane situation. That needs to be addressed before something awful happens.

Before an accident, someone gets hurt out in front of your Maine lake property that had the dock, wharf too long.

Maine game wardens out on the lake to check fishing licenses and monitor the wetting the line and the take.

Those men and woman in dark green can also observe navigational hazards that could be due to a Maine lake camp dock just too long, where it should not be.

Or for night slow revolutions around a lake in Maine, those boats with the green and red front bow lights. The rear white lamp don’t want to be bumping into a dock, a wharf that extends into their watery lane of movements.

Reflectors are not a bad idea on whatever dock you extend out in front of your Maine lake camp property.

 Just make sure the dock, the wharf in front of the Maine lake camp or cottage, home is temporary. Seasonal use for when the ice is gone so the wharf or dock won’t be destroyed by the forces of Mother Nature working in tag team formation with Jack Frost, Old Man Winter.lake in maine sunset photo at dusk

The aluminum docks that are on wheels, roll out easy are environmentally friendly.

I have four sections of Maine lake dock that were expensive.

But durable and easy to roll in and out without getting a hernia. Hurting the back’s L3 and L4 or more.

The wooded, painted older wharfs, the docks with pressure treated timbers are not so environmentally friendly.

Think like a fish, wildlife around the Maine lake works best.

And what would you want if you had gills, could breathe underwater. If the Maine lake, what is outfront of the camp or cottage, the home was your full time, four season habitat.

Fish hate lake erosion.

The, silt, dirt, pesticides and fertilizer dumps up on shore. Any non source pollution caused by poorly built roadways that cause run off, man made development projects around the natural resource that harm the water quality. ducks on a maine lake photo

Remember, there are three kinds of Maine loons to protect.

That we love so much late at night, early mornings and inbetween that sernade in such a unique, haunting in a good way. From onshore or out parked on the end of the lake camp dock or wharf. 

Study your local Maine shoreland zoning regulations.

For the A to Z, for the do’s and don’t around your Maine waterfront camp, cottage, home. To know the best practices to keep it safe, to protect the Maine lake for the next generation.To make sure the Maine land use around the lake is managed properly.

So the following buyer of the property on the Maine lake you enjoy so much can too. On vacations, in retirement or full time if lucky enough to be on the waterfront with a lake property full time.

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