How Maine Real Estate Sellers Help The Property Sale Process.

Clean Maine Homes, Properly Priced Sell Quicker.

When you select, settle in on the Maine real estate agent, broker, REALTOR that fits the task at hand comfortably, a partnership is born, cemented.

Clean Maine Homes, Properly Priced Sell Quicker. Expectations laid out by the Maine real estate professional who has been through the list, market, sell (repeat) process a few times.

With experiences to draw from, who has kept pace with new ways to market creatively, efficiently. To reach a larger audience with greater frequency.

To cause online quality experiences for educating the new to the area buyer about the local Maine community.

To one by one trot out the Maine real estate listings in the area that are a match, good fit after that.

To understand the mechanics of financing, state laws on everything from Maine shore land zoning. To subdividing Maine land.

And the increasingly more technical “in between” topics, situations affecting a property sale. And avoiding legal hot water, laws suit exposure twists and turns.

So how can a seller help in the Maine real estate property listing sale process? 

Number one, above the rest is pricing. By listening, reading and thinking hard about the current market the sale is going to happen in. Or not. As the comparable Maine property sales, competing listings are talked about, considered. Factored in at the kitchen table during the listing, pricing process.

Competitively priced Maine real estate properties, listings marketed aggressively, passionately sell. Quickly and for more money in the long run. Less time wasted and the associated costs of waiting. Put on hold. Over priced properties develop “mold” and shelf life by lingering on the market. No matter how much full throttle, razzle dazzle, thunder and lightning marketing is bolted on, applied.

Over priced listings, properties in Maine are like stalled cars thrown into park and left in the middle of rush hour traffic in one of our handful of cities.

Maine Homes, Adjust Prorperty Prices To Fit The Market.They are in the way. Should not be listed. Are not going to sell. Set the wrong expectations for other sellers thinking of  listing too.

Because the Maine property owner wanting a for sale sign out front speared into his home lawn thinks if John Doe’s house down the street is worth blank, then my better property listing is worth blank and a half. Or more.

Flawed property price reasoning just digs a deeper whole to have to crawl out of. Causes unhappy, delayed real estate movie endings.

And the Maine real estate agent, broker, REALTOR gets two black eyes and is accused of “not doing anything for me” thinks the unhappy seller.

After tying the property owner up by his “pie in the sky” property pricing. Thinking some one will come along. And the listing being taken that should have stayed off the market only helps make realistically priced places for sale look like even better deals in comparison. 

The Maine home owner’s life on hold waiting, hoping, praying. And then wham. Possible a major price reduction happens in haste much later. As desperation kicks in, arrives right on schedule. Because the little talk up front with the Maine real estate professional was ignored, not heeded. So the buyer makes out well. But the seller causes an over market pendulum retreat to below market value pricing out of necessity, desperation. After much Maine real estate marketing time has been wasted.

Seasons, years come Maine Cathedral Living Rooms, Unique Stands Out Too.and go.

The property listing real estate “silent salesman” sign fades, rusts, leans sideways.

Gets hit and crippled by the winter snow plow out front of the heated, unoccupied Maine home. That does not sell. Is worried about though big time.

During the listing marketing too, the local real estate market in Maine can shift, slide, change. Fairly priced Maine property listings suddenly are not so attractively priced.

A shortage of your type of property listing type Mr. Seller is a good development. A glut of pretty darn similar properties  new to the market is not such welcomed news.

When the Maine real estate buyer online dials in a search price criteria or ceiling, the over priced properties don’t show up for he, she, or we to consider.

Being competitively priced in the higher end of a lower bracket is just the way to roll the property dice. To increase your odds of finding more Maine listing buyers. Because like fishing, hunting, real estate marketing is a numbers game. Not done one at a time any more. But needing speed, volume, exposure. Covering more ground quickly. Beyond nine to five office hours. Round the clock happens when the Maine real estate buyer, no matter where he is suddenly has some free time in an over booked rush rush life.Better Maine Home Images Help Property Sales.

The removing clutter, cleaning top to bottom and making sure fresh working light bulbs light up the nooks and crannies to shine brightly.

Those efforts, goals are important support from a Maine real estate home seller too.

Just like taking the three pitbulls for an ice cream or a long, long walk. To miss meeting, scaring the potential buyers of the Maine home’s small children along for the property showing.

Being flexible on Maine real estate home possession dates.

Thinking ahead of additional personal property items that could be sold in the sale. With ball park figures at least hammered out, thought about before being asked by the buyer.

And lastly, tackling the small list of important items to remove the rough spots, any loose ends of the Maine property listing.

Spiffing up, primping and helping boost the Maine home’s curb appeal all efforts that never goes out of style.

Those behind the property scenes efforts are always needed, appreciated by a Maine real estate professional. The buyer, appraiser, bank, everyone involved that rides the ride. Or feels the ripple when little things are not quite right. 

An active seller doing his, her part translates into a higher priced, quicker Maine property listing sale. Because of the extra helping hand effort with the real estate professional and seller, the owner working hand in hand together.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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