How Small A Maine Home Works For You?

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Depending on the life stage you are in, how small a Maine home that works best for you varies.

 While storks are flying over and adding to your collection of kids, more bedroom count gains appeal. When a mother in law needs livingmainelake living photo space of her own for independence. But still be within earshot for assistance. That expandable walk out, daylight Maine home cellar is a suddenly a hotly sought after house feature.

But when empty nest happens, the home in Maine that used to meet the living demand needs of the folks inside suddenly changes.

More time for outdoor where your real living room is kicks in. And downsizing to something more sensible on the maintenance segment of the wallet expenditures needs to happen. To reallocate the funds from the castle sale to other hobbies. Like a boat, plane, antique car, travel.

Especially with fixed, limited retirement income to see you out in comfort but efficiency in the roof overhead of your Maine home. 

So how small, low a square footage of a Maine home could work with you?

Knowing the space inside the house is not so key when you plan to spend most of  your time outside of the sticks and bricks.

Often the once enjoyed plenty of floors, high room and bathroom count, etc buffet of living space cues itself. When there was a price of time and money to maintain it. But the ROI is no longer worth it. That takes the edge off the appetite to contiue wearing that size of housing. Because it starts to steal, nibble away, put a kink in other areas of your precious life, resources. Like seasons, people’s needs for Maine housing, homes does too.

Often the hobbies, recreational past times of the Maine home owner neck reins the direction to head for housing.

To be in a group of other home owners who also like to care for, ride, show and enjoy horses. Other critters that enrich their life. Niche segments for a specific use in real estate has taken over like wildfire.

And the marketing to those groups has become highly specialized and the focus narrowed considerable. Since the days of one size Maine real estate marketing fits all. It does not. Like a radio station trying to please everyone, you can not and end up pleasing few. Because our interests, favor is from smaller spots on the life choice dial. 

I have seen land in Maine sold to folks who want to live off grid, eat organic food put on the table from their own labor, soil.

 winter sunset in maine photoI have sold Maine property listings of acreage to people putting up a yurt. Living in a fifth wheeler for now. Building a home slowly without a Maine mortgage behind the temporary housing.

To get a shell up and pay as you go installments of materials and labor supplied pretty much on their own.

To build in years, decades, not days or weeks. You have to have a mate as committed. To a table saw and all the saw dust parked in the living room. The one with scaffolding in place the cats love to climb, sit and watch. Take sun naps on. 

Amish buildings get drop on the land and sometimes three of them, multiples are delivered.

One for living area and the kitchen, dining combined, another for utility and bathroom, laundry use. And another wing bolted on to make the cluster complete for the bedroom sleeping use.

A dozen feet wide and you pick the length, roof design of gambrel or gable. Metal roofing color that attracts you the most. Picked out of a field of ready to go mini houses. Some with small open porches, sky lights and simple modifications from the basis model “T” crowd pleaser that is low cost, instant shelter.

More like a camp, cabin, cottage than the garden variety Maine home.

With all the needed to fit the simple Maine lifestyle bells and whisles added on in time as the budget affords.

Small homes in Maine works for you?

Smaller housing can mean no mortgage, or one that gets retired early for free and clear, all paid for peace of mine. Small Maine homes, ouses. Better for the environment too. Here are ten of the smallest homes in the World details. Are you typical? Living in a 2600 square foot average home? Trapped inside a big area to collect, stuff more stuff? Or settling for the definition of a tiny home 100 to 400 square feet of house living space

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