How’s The Real Estate Market Question

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How’s the real estate market question.

Any real estate agent or broker gets asked to report what’s shaking in their local market area. Buyers and sellers around where you practice turn to the experienced real estate expert.

how the local real estate market
How’s The LOCAL Real Estate Market? Housing Inventory Is Tight, Prices Up.

The LOCAL MARKET AREA is our  real estate circle of expertise.

And that local market real estate temperature goes up and down. Like the local weather it changes.

The local weather forecast for one zip code does not apply for another region many states away or in a different time zone.

But a  buyer or seller of real estate does not have first hand experiences  with listing sales day after day.

The real estate professional does. And that valuable experience means in addition to how’s the real estate market today, they see the cycle.

The local real estate professional knows what lead up to the current market conditions and can report what happened and why.

Even do a little predicting based on the market statistics for their local area for what to expect ahead.

That’s powerful stuff that helps provide the best buying and selling decisions when kept up to date and shared on the local level.

Real estate market misinformation.

What damage is caused when the buyer or seller reads a headline about gloom and doom? The wrong real estate information for the local area is taken as gospel by some. The wrong information can create fear or doubt but touts the newsmaker as automatically the local real estate expert. When in reality they have never ever been to your hometown, county or state.

The headline or sound bite does not match up with what is actually happening in the local real estate market right now.

Bigger real estate markets in urban areas have access to more press outlets and the reporting could fit to a “t” what is happening in the urban area. And nothing could be further from the truth when you try to apply the news report or press release to other areas of the country.

Bad decision making happens using the wrong real estate market misinformation.

I can’t tell you what is happening in Iowa or a particular town in say California or a community on the west coast of Florida. Real estate is location time three. Everyone knows that mantra. But in my little corner of the World in rural northern Maine I sure can tell you about local real estate listing sales and create an accurate market report.

rental properties in houlton me
What’s To Rent, How Many Houses For Sale, What’s To Do For Fun In Houlton Maine, Aroostook County? Answers Here

Won’t apply to the entire state, sure won’t work in all time zones or across the 50 states for real estate news.

But where I live and list, market, sell 24/7/365, it is easy to report the current real estate market conditions. When you or I hear  something about how’s the current real estate market, consider where the headline reporter, blogger or sound bite comes from for perspective.

Super sleuthing to learn which market the real estate professional hails from and discount all or everything if they report if  located hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Outdated information from a local real estate professional is even worse than market news reports from individuals who lack any experience about listing sales.

houlton maine
Houlton Maine, How’s The Local Real Estate Market? What’s It Like Living In Houlton Maine? Ask, Rely On The Local Insider Who Knows The Area.

Every real estate agent or broker who blogs or does vidcasts should clearly say “in my unique real estate market location which is (fill in the all important blank), this is how things are going”.

Going on to elaborate on the why the local real estate market is behaving the way it is based on cold hard number fast. Describing all the niche sub markets inside the local real estate area activity one by one.

Not trying to generalize real estate for the country as a whole that is bad medicine for the audience seeking accurate reporting.

local maine basketball game
Ask Someone Who Lives In The Community What It Is Like There. Maine Is Like That. Small Town Friendly And Very Connected.

Real estate agents or brokers in small rural Maine markets especially have to speak up and update the reports.

Talking accurate real estate market news. Reporting online about local real estate market supply, clearly stating how different areas are behaving. Mixed in with the community flavor. MOOERS REALTY Maine real estate market reports, been cranking them out for years.

It’s like Farmer’s Insurance motto “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two”.

Live and local with years of experience in the small Maine hometown makes the real estate professional your best go to for any information. Not just how’s the real estate market.

Ask where’s the best pizza, place to fish for brook trout, about the weather, housing, Maine land, anything.

houlton maine 4th of july parade
What’s It Like In Houlton Maine? The Real Estate Market, Where To Stay, What’s In Season To Eat? Local Is Everything In Small Maine Communities.

The not always exciting, entertaining real estate market report news weaved into the why where I live, work and play. The community flavor that surrounds the real estate listings is what is exciting and more important to the relocating buyer more than you think.

The “what’s it like where you live question” answers will determine if this corner of the World location is selected or not.

bull or bear real estate market
Bull Or Bear Real Estate Market In Maine. It Changes, Never The Same. Ask A Full Time Local Real Estate Professional.

If you don’t speak up and share the local real estate market analysis, here’s what replaces it.

Someone many real estate markets away using their recess playground voice that gets amplified and considered gospel for anyone receiving the signal.

It’s like watching a Hollywood movie where everything is entertaining and the little fact mixed with lots of fiction sounds feasible,

local maine news
“What’s It Like Where You Live In Maine?” Tap Into A Local Real Estate Expert.

very realistic. But anyone in the profession or with experience with the subject matter knows different.

I remember my Dad reacting when watching a World War II movie with B-24’s or B-17’s buzzing around the film splashed on the screen shots.

From experience as a tail gunner, he would say “that is so Hollywood and not the way it was”.

Entertainment is important in news presentation to keep them watching and because attention spans in the audience are getting shorter daily.

But honest, fair, accurate is more concerning. Especially when talking real estate market conditions today to buyers and sellers.

Do you do local real estate market reports or let whatever is heard, read or streamed be good enough? Something with many moving parts like the Maine small town economy is harder to sum up in a few words.

But in the Northern Maine area I live and serve, the real estate market is strong, the housing inventory is in short supply, building materials still expensive. I know I know, you’ve heard a hike in bank mortgage interest rates is supposed to do this or that in the

outdoors in maine all four seasons
Paddling A Canoe Down A Maine River. One Of Many Outdoor Recreational Options In Maine.


Maybe it did in other markets, but in Northern Maine, so many sales are cash, look Mom, no bank.

And the listing sales if an agent or broker does far reaching marketing will draw from all over creation for buyers to work with day in and out.

Real estate video does the heavy lifting promoting the property listing, the community flavor.

You can buy a perfectly good home for $50,000 where I list properties in Maine.

Those kind of numbers, this kind of quality of life without crowds, crime and pollution, all this Maine four seasons scenery and wide open space is what folks seek. Maine is the way life should be and what is causing the home buyer’s relocation to someplace new and safe.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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