Innocent Real Estate Scenarios That Turn Ugly.


There is a Maine saying that can apply to real estate property sales.

“It is hard telling without knowing”. Information that is missing causes confusion, jumping to the wrong conclusion. Which leads to missteps that put things more out of kilter, out of whack. andymooers1

Or real estate market information that is outdated is just as bad.

Because not having current, accurate data means garbage in, garbage out.

So misunderstandings in real estate property sales, in life often are caused by missing, wrong or just plain outdated information.

The vital stuff needed to help shape the direction from listing, through marketing to the clear to close memo for the sit down and let’s dig in.

To have a real estate closing that concludes the transactions and make a successful transfer of ownership. 

So innocent real estate situations that are spun, come off as someone was black heart sinister.

Folks stop getting along. Working toward the same common goal. The problems start with a fertile imagination, a lack of all the accurate fine points as the real estate deal trudges on through the hoops, chutes and ladders that shape the deal. To a satisfactory conclusion or derailment. 

Good broker, bad broker is another layer of the reaction to what seems to be happening. When nothing could be futher from the truth. Sides are drawn like a court room and “my buyer” “my seller” and fighting for the upper hand is a hostile approach.

Where mediation not litigation keeps the wheels of the real estate deal greased for the easiest momentum. Like a flywheel, energy is needed to keep the gears of a property listing sale moving as effortlessly as possible.

 People, not just empty houses, vacant property listings are involved in a real estate deal.

The buyers, sellers sides of the sale. The financing, legal beagles, and other areas of both the buyer and seller’s life that don’t always turn and spin with the same objective in mind.

The property listing buyer who says the place is not worth the sticker price purely based on he or she can only afford thirty percent less. That is all well and good to believe that based on self serving reasons but when reaching for too high a piece of real estate fruit causes reality of not being able to spring for it has to be seen for what it is.

A gap where the two ends of the real estate sale shall never meet. Keep looking for a new buyer, or a lower cost property listing more to the liking of the wallet or purse the purchaser has for the real estate sale. 

 The longer a real estate sale lingers on the books, parked on the sidelines awaiting a closing, the greater the chance it will die on the table. It’s called DOM.canoerswaitingforstart

Real estate closings like kids, they don’t develop on their own.

They need help from the other villagers.

Waiting in line, delays are not always easy for folks stressed out and too busy to fit everything in to small hanging calendar square.

Too little time is what eight out of ten of use forced to live in a city like it or not is part of the strain. The long commute to work, holding down more than one job, shuffling the kids to school, sports, other events is daily stress that makes for the smile worn the wrong way.

Topsy, turvy and upside down turns up the heat. Making everything ripe for real estate sale decay, rot, death. 

Flares the tempers and true colors of the folks involved in a real estate sale start to weigh in on what they are not so handstand happy about and point fingers at who is to blame which distracts from the simple mechanics of what is needed for a  property listing transfer to hatch. 

Life is meant to be lived with a great degree of pleasure, deep satisfaction. Not bogged down with angst, handwringing or heavy sweat caused by worry.

But if a buyer or seller colors what is really going on in a real estate sale, if the truth is distorted then static, interference and one big distraction saps the energy all those rounded up to make a property transfer possible. jeepwayfunmaine

Facing the truth generates from a real estate professional guiding the process, helping to set the expectations.

Our own version of what is going on does not help if contrary to the truth.

But careful attention, constant monitoring all are needed to keep the real estate listing sale healthy. 

Sometimes throwing the lever into four wheel drive to back out, take a different woods trail to get to the real estate closing easiest, fastest. Buckle up.

If you are buying or selling real estate property, a listing in Maine, we would love to help with the sale. 

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