Is There A Maine Real Estate Broker In The Room?

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The need for a tour guide, navigator in the Maine real estate list and sell.

To get to the property listing closing on time. In one piece, not badly maine amish photobattered or bruised. The experience should be fun, educational, and free of confusion.

No one gets bloodied, black and blue sucker punched in the real estate sales process.

Delays happen but expectations and explanations of why this is happening in the property sale.

What is the next step in the play by play of the Maine real estate transaction?

Keeping everyone, current, in the loop.

Tapping the shoulder one by one. Of the many professionals involved in the Maine property sale. To make darn sure they get the cue. Before their play part in the real estate script gets page flipped. Comes up quickly. And it is show time. For their role, spotlight purpose in the Maine real estate sale.

 Have a sale on a property listing in Ashland Maine. The buyer has to sell his home first. No agent, broker in the room and just hoping it all comes maine horses winter phototogether.

No one in the cockpit to touch down after the lift off.

To keep the right altitude. From hitting something disastrous.

A Maine lawyer can draft the purchase and sale agreement.

Send letters at so much a copy cost.

But unlike a real estate agent, broker in Maine overseeing the ABC steps, no one considers the property needing financing.

The time table, the assembly of players needed. Not just ordering this and that off a legal menu. Getting the full meal deal. To make sure everyone is on track, fed. Getting all the the memos, their cue. And a delay is minimum because someone is cattle prodding in a nice way. On track. All the time.

To keep the herd together. On the same page. Involved in the pathway walk, trot, hand gallop. Heading to the Maine real estate closing.

So the he said, she said of back and forth, second guessing of the  missing information stops dead in its tracks.

As I look for details. Help set the stage of what has to happen. And is it on the other end where no real estate agent is tending the process. Where vital steps are not taking place on a check off clip board. That affect my sales the seller is counting on me to bring together. For a successful closing.

I ask lots of questions about his real estate sale and bring up lots of good points. That are met with too many “I don’t know” answers.Or “good question, never thought to ask that.”

Confusion builds because the buyer of his house is in the dark, does not know what he is doing either.

Because it is not what they are trained to do. Too close to the property sale with knee deep involvement too. Self serving happens.maine lake sunset photo

So because the other transaction, the shoe to drop affects this sale, I need answered the twenty questions.

To help figure out now, not sixty days from now rut rho.

Houston we have a problem. And as trail boss, the Kit Carson leading the charge, I saw the red flags that others ignored.

Said, shouted something to get the attention of everyone in the room.

Involved in the property listing sale.

Domino real estate deals in Maine.

One sale is challenging enough, to chew on at a time. But when you bring another Maine house into the fray.

That needs to sell first but no agent, broker, REALTOR to be seen to keep it on life support.

The it is like trying to help a 777 missing a pilot, guy or gal in the other seat up front or any flight crew.

It is up to me to do the best I can to explain why we need to address this, this and this. Before that and oh no, this and that happens together which can doom a Maine real estate sale.

Better to know early on and help save or derail white sheet and toe tag the process. If the final shake down is screaming this Maine real estate sale is not fixable, going to happen and everyone involved is brought up to speed, sharing the same conclusion.

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