Is There A Walmart Store In Houlton Maine?

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The reasons Maine real estate buyers pick a location are many.

And one question that tops the list is there a Walmart in Houlton Maine? Yes there is Dorothy. Walmart Store #1974 is located at 17 Ludlow Road, Houlton Maine. Just before the Shop And Save grocery store and across from the Maine Tourist Information Center. sun set canoe in maine photo

You can frequent the Wally World in Houlton Maine.

We no doubt will bump into each other from time to time.

Wheeling the wire cart around, up and down the eyes looking for the lowest price.

Walmart, always the lowest price right?

Or trek north about 40 miles to another Walmart in Presque Isle Maine.

Maybe hop the International border after the last exit 305 on I-95. And go through the automatic double doors at the Walmart in Woodstock, New Brunswick Canada.

So we have you covered for your Walmart outlets for shopping in the Houlton Maine area.

What is important to any of us varies. But some queries just top the list when a buyer is looking, hunting for property listings in Houlton Maine’s Southern Aroostook area.

The need to know for peace of mine also revolves around another question we hear over the phone, via email and when a visit happens in person at the real estate agency office lobby. houlton maine moon photo

Do you have a health care facilty in Houlton Maine and is it more than a band aid station?

Yes to this question to. Houlton Regional Hospital is located at 20 Hartford Street, Houlton Maine.

Just two blocks due west from our real estate office at 69 North Street in Houlton Maine.

We have vets for the pooch or kitty cat. And often the questions go on to more on down the long list.

The number of churches in Houlton Maine was twelve last count. The ones about the Houlton Maine weather are always popping up needing an answer or clarification.haying maine land photo

For the record, there are no polar bears in Maine.

The skinny on Maine weather  Plus other FAQ for these parts up here in the right hand corner of the country in Maine.

The particular concern a Maine real estate buyer has is not peculiar and weather myths abound

And often common. Many ask about our local Cary Library thinking the quality and size of it speaks volumes about the population that enjoys it.

Lots more covered in the links found salt and peppered all over this Discover Northern Maine site blog post. houlton maine courthouse photo

Created to remove the secrecy surrounding how things rock and roll in Southern Aroostook’s County Seat or Shiretown.

So does this spotlight on Houlton Maine run down on the A to Z so the real estate buyer new to the area no longer is.

But just in case the question you have on the tip of your tongue is not covered or just not to the degree level you need, fire away.

We can provide maps, fun attractions, places to stay, the works. Because we are a personal fan of living, working, playing and raising a family in Houlton Maine.

Ask those questions about living in Houlton Maine.

Like the one about do we have good cell service in Houlton Maine providers. And what’s the straight scoop on the strength of the Internet signal, connectivity?

But wait, there’s more. Questions answered. The other ones needing details spelled out. Before moving on to actually investing in some of the attractive, affordable property listings in Houlton Maine.

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