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Island Falls/Dyer Brook

Welcome To Historic, Friendly Island Falls/Dyer Brook, Maine!

The Story

Northern Maine Lakes, Golf Course, Farms, Views Of Mt Kathadin! We’re Talking Island Falls / Dyer Brook Maine!

Clean, uncrowded, friendly outdoor living like the rest of Maine. That’s what you get full time or part time living, investing in Island Falls and Dyer Brook. All of Aroostook County is lower cost living, taking money right out of the equation. We’ve blogs about Island Falls Maine before and want to expend on the topic. Pairing you up with Dyer Brook too, the home of Southern Aroostook School system island falls dyer brook comwhen Island Falls schools consolidatedand threw in together back in 1973.

Early history of Island Falls and Dyer Brook Maine?

Here more on the early settlement of Island Falls Maine in particular. It was back in 1841, during the summer that the trio of  Levi Sewall, Neamiah Alexander and Jesse Craig showed up in what is now Island Falls.

William Sewell, a relative of Levi was a lifelong friend of Theodore Roosevelt. Mr. Roosevelt visited to hunt and fish on several occasions with stays at the family hunting camp on Mattawamkeag Lake and the Sewell home that was placed on the historical registry. Along the Mattawamkeag River below the lake of the same name is where Roosevelt wen to open the good book to read on Sundays while in Maine.

The spot is worth a visit and called “Bible Point”with state park status. Here are more early day photos on Island Falls Maine. Cold, Dyer Brook, Fish, Sly and Alder Streams are in this area of “The County”.

Dyer Brook, what about that town to the east of Island Falls?

Orin Laughton was responsible for the first settlement back in 1844. Laughton came over from Smyrna to the east, put up a log home and by 1880 the plantation population grew to 40 voters.

The town was named after the stream Dyer Brook that meanders through this Aroostook County town and which eventually empties into the Mattawamkeag River. Pleasant Pond, Mattawamkeag Lakes are two special resources in these two towns.

Southern Aroostook County is a haven for vacationers, those wanting a save place to raise families, for retirement folks heading into the Golden Years.

The local population around 900 doubles during the summer months. Telecommuters bring their job with them and report remotely online to work while enjoying the simpler way of living in Northern Maine too. Here’s more on free wi fi Internet broadband.


During a listing of an Island Falls Maine home for sale, the elderly neighbor told me lots of free hemlock lumber helped build his town.

Local tannery operations in Island Falls meant the hemlock bark used for tanning hides left a lot of unused timber cut down in the process. Teddy Roosevelt coming up to Bible Point for that special part of his day helped put Island Falls Maine on the map too!

Fresh air, clean water, friendly people, low cost properties that mean no or a low mortgage. Is it like that where you live now on the Planet? Here as a local resource to help you from the inside as a native who has lived here all my life.

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