Juggling Busy Lives Of Maine Real Estate Buyers, Sellers.

maine gazebo photo

Traffic control, setting up showings, making sure real estate appraisers, home inspectors have little or no delay.

Along with the Maine real estate property buyer and seller in working around everyone’s schedule.

Knowing sometimes no matter how hard you try, it is never fast enough or speed of thought easy.maine gazebo photo

But driving by a property in Maine for sale first can produce a never mind.

Homes too close or traffic too heavy.

No curb appeal.

No breathing space around the sticks and bricks.

What is next door to what is for sale too looking like Stephen King made a movie at the location.

We find with video for Maine real estate the time is best used.

For everyone involved in the listing, selling of a Maine real estate listing.

Because the video for the real estate is not just focused on the house, homes, structures on the land. But where is it, what are you looking at in all directions.

Telling and showing the online buyer of real estate in Maine that this is what you get. What you do not and should not expect.

 All too often, the wrong conclusion is jumped to based on just missing information. Too little to go on so the fill in the mental blanks is only limited by the imagination of the buyer on the other end of the marketing signal. mooers videos still graphic image

Matchmaking more than a Maine real estate salesman, agent, broker.

That is the shift to find the buyer what they need.

Rather than using smoke, mirror, shell games and clever maneuvers to manipulate.

Today in real estate in Maine, anywhere it is about full disclosure.

Let it all hang out online like a buffet of real estate and local community information. Or should be.

As a Maine real estate broker, I know delay in getting the information that is needed is frustrating. canoers waiting in race photo

And with video, there is no need for the time of night, weather, distance away the buyer is or the seller not being available.

None of that should interfere with the show must go on.

With real estate video it can. The properties in Maine for sale get exposed round the clock.

Buyers can slide in and out without any fuss or muss with the seller or tenant. Help yourself, stay as long as you want and retour anytime is what video for real estate excels at so so well.

The best way to get up to speed on so many things in life, real estate and a new location too is video. Always there to show and tell.

We use video for real estate for a reason. It works. Please visit our Maine Real Estate Video channel.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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