Junk, Cheap Maine Land For Sale. It’s All Low Cost Property.

Maine Land For Sale, Some Acreages Lupine Covered.

Junk land, cheap Maine property listings, acreages for sale could be a blog post heading you might think should be avoided. 

Maine Land For Sale, Some Acreages Lupine Covered.But Maine is not a state with grey poupon mustard the only flavor served up. Actually cheap yellow mustard, low cost Maine land is just fine and dandy. Because Maine is not a state where any one is out to impress.Not pretentious.

Or out to shock and awe with “my land in Maine is better than your property listing” crap. Maine is simple, down to Earth. We like to have our land, everything around us paid for. Avoid, not fond of mortgages. Pay them of early.

Owned free and clear. Debt free means kicking tires, doing the search for junk, low cost, cheap Maine land. That could serve the purpose just fine.

Junk land in Maine for sale, similar to when you think wrecked, worn out cars you picture parts.

Bent frames, rusted and corroded vehicles with a troubled past. Dented in, faded, peeling paint. And stink to high heaven smelly interiors. Like someone died in them bad. Breathe through your mouth foul. Buying the whole car to cannibalize, scoff parts off it. To cheaply keep the heap you drive rolling down the highway. So what if the fender colors don’t match? The car is worth more to you than any one else. And you have a history, past with the car and get attached.

Where it is a game to stretch more miles out of the long ago paid for Maine car.

 That is just plain and simple cheap transportation. To get you from A to B. Not to impress. But junk land in Maine, means property that has ten foot pole marks all over it too. It is low cost Maine land that lacks features. Has drawbacks, issues. Like no power, no year round access. Or put on your boots. Prepare to lose one walking through the pretty much a bog, marsh land. Maybe one high and dry building spot that will perk. Pass a soil test for even a privvy, outhouse, septic system.

The land in Maine with low cost price tags are big, but not so beautiful and wet.

With some marsh, swamp and caused because of poorly draining soils. Or because everything around the Maine land is tilted toward it. You are in the trough, hole, rut, gully. The cheap property listings of Maine land have neighboring pieces looking down the shot gun barrel to so to speak. At the lower terrain and getting all the drainage of the other Maine land bordering the “down in the valley, the valley so so low”.

Maine Land, Comes With WildflowersThe cheap, low cost junk Maine land also was wooded.

But not any more. And the expression applies that “a woodpecker would have to pack a lunch” just to fly across it. No woods, zip for timber and scalped.

What was not sheered off for timber, got massacred in the skidder, delimber, feller buncher round and round wars in the Maine woods. The stumps are still smoking like the scene of a major battle where everything is bombed, burned and pretty much ruined. In the slash and thrash, scorched Earth policy during the retreat.

But like big diamonds, gems with tons of flaws, some people like their land in Maine large.

Like their women a little on the trashy side as the honky tonk song explains. Like the way they supersize what they order thru the microphone at a drive thru. Have it your way.

Cheap and easy, a tad floozy. Quantity not quality. And with special owner financing available on the low cost Maine land. The less than stellar land that tests positive, lights up, the needle swings wildly on the “JUNK” meter. Where easy terms are available. Because the seller, owner of the over lumbered, timbered Maine woodlot knows the buyer can not hurt the land. A well drilled, a cabin put up and a septic system added will only make the collateral of the land in Maine greater. Secure their interest.

So not afraid to call a spade a spade, point out a pig wearing lipstick. Maine land with issues.

Because blunt, cut to the chase in a busy world works best. For people tough skinned but tender hearted. And not over sensitive. Or unrealistic in what they have for expectations rolling Land In Maine, Big, Cheap, Sometimes With Major Views!around inside. Behind their eyes, between their ears. When out of state most of your life, all the Maine land, no matter what type is big and cheap. Cherry on top low priced.

Because we have plenty and a lower population competing for it. Like musical chairs where lots are empty and the music never stops. Help yourself, sit down any time. Any where. Everyone gets seat. No hurry or scramble.

Low cost Maine land is not going to suddenly dry up and become scarce.

Back in the 1980’s we were selling cut over woodland, used to be woodlots that were buzz sawed, made bald for $100 an acre.

And the rest of the Maine land was ball park $250 an acre if it had the essential features. And forty acres or larger. Year round road access, had power running right by, was not all swamp or butchered in the woods department.

Add in a view, long road frontage that meant easy carving, splitting up for resale was possible and a higher per unit Maine land acreage price could be justified. Along with the more attractive the owner financing terms on the Maine land and maybe the fact it was lucky enough to have a waterfront feature of some kind and property prices increased accordingly.

Quantity and quality together on Maine land means the price is higher.

But even at $1000 an acre for the larger Maine land properties, parcels the acreages are still way way under valued. Aroostook county, Northern Washington and Penobscot counties are sleeping giants for Maine land that can be bought right. A solid investment. You can not buy an acre of land for $1000 unless it has major problems. Because it was never bank financed, not title searched to round up all the heirs to sign off. And the property lines are a big unknown. What lines? Or the Maineland will not soil test, support a septic system and basically was traded for two pigs and a chicken.

With a barnyard crude, primitive Maine land deed vague descriptions loose as a goose.

Handwritten up by family or neighbors not really knowing the mess they were creating.That lacked the resources to run it through an attorney. To have a land lawyer in Maine straighten out title flaws of heirs not signing off that are hidden, lurking in the background. Poised, ready to raise their ugly head. The build-able, smaller  Maine land lots cost you more to get into the ball game. But then the more acreage you purchase, the lower per unit the acre price dips.

Who would buy a piece of cheap, low cost Maine junk property, ugly land?

If that is all you can afford, you take what you can Land In Maine, Some Rocky, Hard Terrainget and try to improve. Make it better with adding drainage, bringing in gravel.

And adding water, sewer, power, utilities as you can afford. Or for featureless, in the middle of no where property that you need a helicopter to legally access, a group of sportsmen or family members are good candidates.

Not the average Clark Kent mild mannered Maine home owner wanting to build a house on some land.

These groups of cheap, junk land in Maine acreage buyers that like to hang out in the Maine woods each personally invest very little. Not a lot of skin in the game. Each throwing in small pocket change.

An easy chunk of money down on the already dinky priced Maine land listing.

Like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree, there is a home for every piece of Maine land. So cheap, junk, low cost Maine land. Lot to consider no matter what type of Maine land you are toying with buying.

Have those pieces as well as parcels that are stunning, perfect, high end drop dead gorgeous and on the waterfront. You can not sell meat from an empty wagon the expression.

So Maine land, all types, for all uses, in the wide range of prices and locations to consider.

Not just a peddler of Maine homes, houses but of land too! Let’s talk, see what you have in mind and study the horsepower of your wallet.

To get the most Maine recreational land for the buck! Junk land, useless property for lots of purposes, but expect to pay far less for Maine property acreage that is a long ways from perfect. Remote, a gazillion miles from juice. Way too long to run an very very long orange extension cord. Or with over hill and dale very challenging access issues.

Off the power grid, roads if there are any that rip the exhaust system off your vehicle and that cause you to bottom out, get stuck every single time you try totravel them. Rough, tough, not so attractive and talk about rocky land terrain.

If it was a dance, the Maine land would not get asked to twist and shout.

No woods, maybe with a hole from gravel being stripped away and cratered like it was carpet bombed. We list all, sell all and if you want junk, cheap Maine land that is the runt of the litter, ugly duckling, we can help. With special Maine land finnancing to brighten the day. Make your wallet smile.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |  info@mooersrealty.com  |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street, Houlton Maine 04730 USA

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