Kids Are King, Maine Real Estate Listings Are Cheaply Priced Too.

derby-1 race photo

The reasons to move, relocate to Maine.

The small town living values, pitch in and get involved makes the Maine connection strong. Kids are king and family is everything. You know safety is a given too in the 4th lowest crime state that Maine is. derby-1 race photo

Just finished up working the Maine State Soap Box Derby Race for year 2015.

The new crop of drivers makes the event new and different. Kids have an energy. The fun and grins, laughter is contagious.

You can be a kid with the lower to the ground younger ones, little people.

Some adults forget what fun is and can become sticks in the mud. Too serious and uptight because they don’t remember.

Or maybe adults are just too busy to make time for the many children oriented youth events in small Maine towns.

Here is the video for this year’s Maine State Soap Box Derby Race highlights.


If you live in an area where there is not a soap box derby racing program, would love to share what we have learned. Get one going in your area. Using a civic group. Building a hill which is key to keep the group from burning out. derby 2015 racers photo

Houlton Maine has an engineered hill to use for local races and seasonal rallies.

These races in spring, summer, fall all help the local coffers.

Pumping major dollars into the area with out of town racers who vacation and rack up the points! To get to Akron Ohio another way in the rally program. Not just betting the whole farm on winning the local derby race.

Derby racing has been very very good for our family and there is not much better an event.

For something the entire family can do in spirited down hill car racing. Learn more about soap box derby car racing. Where the wind, weight are your motor!

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