Land In Maine For Sale.

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Land in Maine for sale.

The small rural real estate markets list and sell more than houses, just homes. Lots of land in all sizes are listed for sale in the Maine real estate buffet of current properties available. For folks that the timing is right to make the purchase of land in Maine.eagle in land in maine nest photo

But unlike buying a house, land is a more difficult animal to tame.

To get financing for a piece of land requires larger down payments, higher interest rates from the lenders used to packaging up a house loan and selling it on the secondary mortgage market.

That’s why owner financing is a great vehicle to use to buy land in Maine for sale and providing terms that custom fit the buyer and seller.

More on why owner financing land in Maine works so well and fills the void that banks create with the higher cost obstacles. Banks don’t get to sell the land mortgages on the secondary market and have to hang onto the paper. As interest rates rise, they are stuck with lower return mortgage notes.

The owner financed Maine land provides a nice annuity for the seller of the land and often times the seller does not need to replace the property. So they can wait for the sale’s price divided into the monthly installments.


Homes with owner financing attached happen but not as much. Because the houses do have to be replaced with another. Or because there is a mortgage on the house that needs to be settled up and removed, so it is free and clear. To avoid acceleration clauses in the bank mortgage on the house that would trigger an all due clause if a transfer, or loan assumption was tried. baxterpark moose pond land photo

The days of assumable mortgages on homes are over.

Other than some really old VA home loans ones.

Land in Maine for sale can mean we are talking about a lake water front lot, a rolling fertile farm field with forty or more acres. Or a commercial development for business properties or a housing subdivision. The Maine land that is wooded helps heat the home.

Or timber cruises and periodic cutting put money in the bank from the pulp sold to paper mills, the hardwood and softwood cut and trucked to the other kinds of mills.

Woodlots are like tree farming the land.

Trees are added to the large open areas of a farm that a buyer does not want to cultivate, hay or bush hog. There are cost sharing programs to help off set the cost to plant trees on the Maine land.

Tree growth plans in forestry management can reduce property taxes too and make the joys of ownership of wooded land less burdensome to the wallet.

Land in Maine for sale is an attractive area of our real estate list and sell process. Because Maine is vast, offers low cost Maine land listings that get used for recreation, vacations. horses winter lfarm and photo

And sometimes leading to retirement or just fear of living in a crime high city with all the noise, lots of traffic.

It gives a safety net, a spot to run away from when the pressure is too great.

Or the time to move is now happens. Growing what you eat, have a farm to table experience is healthier. Local sourced food is just good business and a resurgence in farming on the micro scale is picking up speed in Maine.

Cities are crowded, impersonal, hurry scurry.

And very little space. With no land or space around you or that comes at a high price if you are lucky enough to be able to afford it. And you need protection with security alarms, lots of precautions to protect what you own and cherish.

In Maine, we leave keys in the cars, the house doors are unlocked and we live in the 46th lowest state for crime.

Nice. Very nice.victorian maine home photo

Splitting up property that can be made into sub-lots creates smaller parcels of real estate for the buyer who wants lower cost, smaller sized properties. But minimum lots sizes, rules around the shore land zoning have to be considered before just slicing and dicing the land in Maine big enough to legally subdivide.

More tips on buying Maine land.

So we list and sell houses that are small ranchers low to the ground. The sprawling Victorian Queen Anne and other unique styles our local areas has lots of to peddle. And farmsteads, simple camps and lake homes. But land, underneath all is the land.

And we have plenty, a big supply of large and small land in Maine real estate listings to show you. If you are after some land, like the thought of it being in small town friendly Maine, we need to connect!

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