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Land listings in Maine, Maine land for sale.

The real estate buyer searching the listing inventory for Maine land is motivated on several fronts. Space, lots of acreage for sheer protection from others invading it. The desire for growing food, raising what you eat. The goal of having yearly firewood and selling the surplus managing the timber resource. Development to create smaller sub lots out of a larger Maine acreage. Maine land to invest in and preserve to pass on to your children.

It usually starts out with low cost Maine recreational land.

Then as the vacation exposure whenever the land owner can sneak up to Maine becomes desire for more. Starter land listings and moving on to larger acreages in Maine happens,. Here’s an example, watch the video of a large Maine land listing representing a lot of acreage for a small price.


Now with the COVID19 outbreak changing the day to day around the World, the search for Maine land has intensified.

The buyers of land in Maine are a little edgy, more driven. Maine real estate listing inventory is down and the increased demand swell of buyers seeking some makes for fast paced days. If any land listings in Maine are wired for solid Internet broadband connectivity, so much the better. To help the Maine land buyer decide which one to select from the property listing inventory of what is available.

Living on a Maine lake is a dream of many land buyers.

Strong Internet connections make working remotely to telecommute to your online job possible. Work online combined with a waterfront setting is a perfect blend to combat the cabin fever of COVID19 life adjustment. Learn about a new, neat Maine waterfront listing on Conroy Lake with video.


The farming life or country living approach to agriculture in Maine makes rural homes with land popular.

Watch video of 1472 Oxbow Road Oxbow Maine classic home, barn, out buildings for sale.


Land listings in Maine, we have lots to pick from for low real estate prices.

Maine has more second homes than any other state for a reason. The Maine land is plentiful and cheaply priced. The cost of construction labor to create your vacation 2nd home in Maine is not sky high expensive. Local log home cabin makers are here in Maine where the state is 91% wooded. Imported lumber from Canada with the no duty discounted loonie dollar helps the pocketbook too.

Low cost Maine land bought collectively with friends and family who love the outdoors, fresh air, clean water.

Those land buying groups join forces and apply their building trade talents to create a vacation getaway in Maine. The lower cost of living in Maine and all this wide open natural unspoiled space combine to make Vacationland the number one pick for 2nd homes for good reason.


Land listings in Maine are plentiful and every parcel just a little bit different than the other.

Being a ways up the Interstate 95 pike helps ease the pressure on supply and demand. The further deep up into Maine you go, the larger the size acreage and cheaper priced the Maine land for sale listings are. And besides just a low cost piece of Maine land that is large in size, you get features. Like a brook or stream, maybe a pond. You can enjoy a heck of a view, some quality timber to manage for a tidy financial return during periodic wood harvests.

Maine land listings more often than not come with owner financing terms to fit a real estate buyer’s budget.

Land does not have to be replaced like a house does so sellers can carry the mortgage with better than a bank’s lending rates and finance  charges. Noi middle man to take a cut and the Maine land buyer gets lower interest rates and zip for closing costs besides the title search, promissory note and mortgage paperwork put on record at whatever county registry of deeds.

Maine land listings are harder to find closer to population centers.

The demand for house lots if far greater near a city than out in the rural areas of Maine’s countryside. The paperwork for permits to even develop the land is such a difference when dealing with a small town not a large city hall setting.

Everything gets simpler out in the small town setting where the Maine land is plentiful and regulations are relaxed. You don’t need to control sprawl or worry about traffic congestion or home owner’s associations in a town of four or five hundred people.

So are you looking to buy a piece of Maine land?

Been searching the real estate listing portals to get a sense of what is available and the cost of this and that type of property acreage? Buying Maine land is much easier and better purchasing decisions are made if you get off those large house listing portals. Houses, homes for sale websites serve a purpose but when you are after Maine land, more comes into play for consideration.


Soil types, drainage, types of timber stands, information about the waterfront beyond “yes” on a Maine land listing.

More details on the land component are missing when you search for property acreage on a house or home real estate portal website. If you are concerned about growing or raising food on your Maine land, knowing about soil types is critical. Are their soil conservation practices underway, any underground drainage tiles in place on the Maine land?

All dirt is not the same. Like people, Maine land soils are very different!


If the land for sale in Maine has lots of ledge outcroppings and headlands, it impacts planting crops and caring for them until fall harvest.

If the Maine woodlot has been stripped to the point a woodpecker would have to pack a lunch to fly across it, what did you really invest in? The clear cut wooded land in Maine is cheaply priced but you get what you pay for applies. Selective cutting the timber after each forestry cruise can mean fifteen year woodlot harvests to improve the stand and thicken your wallet.

Land for sale, the approach to pawing over the land listings in Maine is not the same as what you look for when buying a house or vacation property or mom and pop business listing, etc.

The Maine land access, who plows the road. You or a town plow truck? Or forget about it. You are snowed in for the winter because the hills and dales, twists and turns are too much for the average bear to keep clear.

mt katahdin maine 1

Lack of power is good or bad for your plans to build a homestead in time on your Maine land?

Distance from the market for whatever you raise on the Maine land is another consideration. So it broadband connections to wherever the Maine land listing is located.  Internet connectivity is huge for someone telecommuting to work online remotely to their out of state job. No dependable Internet, no moving to Maine to work from your new home. Those plans get crushed or better featured land in Maine for sale with what you need and also without what you don’t want makes the Maine land hunt continue a little longer.

Even the casual Maine land user who drags up a camper trailer or builds a small modest cabin on the property.

What that land buyer likes to do for fun and recreation is important. The Maine land better be smack dab on the snow sled or ATV trails if they have machines to explore Vacationland with or awfully handy to them. Hunters, fisherman want to be on Maine land near where doing those sporting endeavors is most productive.

Others in the area of the Maine land who love horses could be another factor on where to buy property acreage is best.

Land for sale in communities where family farms are already established is a big draw for homesteaders. Many buy Maine land thinking vacation use occasionally for now but with an eye that maybe more down the road happens. That land in Maine can serve lots of purposes through a person’s life and is one enjoyable investment that only goes up in value. It is true, Maine has a lot of land for sale and many property listings available. But they stopped making Maine land. Buy while the supply is high, the selection vast and price ranges healthy across the board for all Maine land buyers. The supply and demand will change. Maine is a sleeping giant for low cost affordable land listings and way way under valued for now.

million dollar viewMaine land for sale.

Ever thought about buying a piece for vacation, for full time or part time relocation use? Land in Maine. Whatever the plan for Maine land, here to help you maximize your dollars and to find the best property listing fit. Buying, selling, trading Maine land. If you want to do any of those maneuvers, here to help. Please reach out and we start with you talking, us listening and figuring out together the best Maine real estate solution. Thank you for reading this land listings in Maine  Maine land for sale blog post!

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