Large Homes For Sale In Maine.



Large homes for sale in Maine.
Sometimes bigger is better. Are you needing more space, are you not a candidate for a tiny home? The families were larger years ago when many of the large homes for sale in Maine got hammer and nailed into place. houltonmainehouses
More places with the plate and silverware around the table set at meal time in a large home in Maine.
Especially on a Maine farm home where the kitchen is so so big to provide the needed elbow room at meal time. When the family meal is always home cooked, never involved micro wave frozen bags or steamed pouches. Always grown on your own land and often eaten quickly. Because farming means get back to the fields to plant or harvest the crop. Or to repair pasture fencing working around not the best of weather. And farm families were very large, needed a home matched to hold them all.

So back to the large homes for sale in Maine. If family size is down to 1.6 per household for kid count, why would large homes in Maine still have an audience today? Because of many factors. Divorce causes a daughter with grandchildren to make the call. To move back in and share some of the space under the same roof line.


Or the property owner of the large home wants to operate a business in the finished cellar, or to convert the shed into a home office. The elderly grand parents who can not live on their own and need independence.They are going to be on board into the golden years.

The large homes for sale category of real estate is tapped for many types of living arrangement applications. When elderly loved ones who don’t maneuver staircases so well or are getting forgetful or feeble are live and local. The house you share with them better have a first floor bedroom or two. Extra bath with handicap access on the same first floor ground level. A big dining room too if you share meals as one big multi generational family.

The houses were large in Maine before the shoe box ranch 5-3-1 room, bedroom and bath count single floor homes came into style. The families were large like my mom’s that numbered eleven kids growing up on a dairy farm. All born at home. The rear section of their farmstead on Benn Hill in Hodgdon Maine was where the grandparents lived. Families out of financial necessity and love of the land joined forces sharing sections of the large home.MooersRealtySearch


But now, if homes are on the large size, the audience in northern climates can lose interest due to heating costs.

Maintenance is bigger on houses with more square footage too. More roof, siding, space inside and out to maintain. Extra wiring when power came by out front to hook into and more plumbing when the out house out in the shed was replaced with indoor fixtures, heated bathrooms.
Some larger homes have been successfully converted to multi apartment units. Many homes were not made for the shortening up exercise to share the space in the new distribution. They feel awkward. With original doorways closed off here, added there to make sure all the rental units have a kitchen, bath, the essentials. When they were not designed for this application.

Attached sheds, carriage houses, glass and open sun porches all can add to the sense of expanse of the housing. Many larger homes in Maine appear super sized, mc-mansioned huge. But can be simply be long and skinny. Narrow across but on and on in the sections pieced together.

The homes became over time placed on more elaborate foundations and no longer sitting on mud sills for home construction. Often the house has a main structure, with an “L” addition. Or a third floor or more can make it like looking up the side of a floating hotel cruise ship when you are on the pier next to where it is parked. You don’t realize how big the house set back from the road is until you are up close and personal.
Houses re-purposed that were on a airport like ones in Houlton Maine from out on the border with Canada.
That air base was big during the war effort and lend lease but that did not have much of a use after the cease fire and into peace time. But they thrived when military personnel and prisoners of war needed housing. Many of these homes after the war that were once barracks or offices or mess halls, whatever got pulled into neighborhoods of my small Maine town. Hauled in and pieced together and to make wings, larger homes out of a collection smaller houses. sullivan 10

Looking for a large house for sale in Maine?

The housing stock is big and beautiful with the local craftsmen building them dedicated to make them last.

Long after they hung up the tools or died off and left the planet.

Solid, stately and if maintained to stick around, to stand the test of time. Money is hard earned, Maine folks are frugal and have good impulse control in their spending. With respect given to what they do buy long after the purchase. They take very good care of things, and the treatment is transferred to the kid who witness and model after what they are shown by older family members.

Large grand elegant homes in Maine that were your castle.

Because you did not run the roads and were never home like many today out on the highways zipping here and there in one big hurry. The yesteryear Victorian homes were used for more than housing the large families in them. The entertaining, large family and social gatherings, holiday celebrations mean more room please. So lots of people could share the space under the roof, inside the four walls. Big third floor dance floors. Formal living rooms and dining areas, butler’s pantries and rear stairways.

There are many reason’s homes were bigger than little cabins or early primitive cottage like camps that served the early settlers traveling to the new land in Maine, anywhere.

Lots of fireplaces to heat the the super sized homes were needed though and better chimneys, masonry developments installed before larger multi story homes could be utilized. victorianturret

Many of the earliest of homes in my area of Houlton Maine served as inns, stopping off places for travelers.

The jail and tavern could be in the same house the proprietor called home. Most farmers put their money and sweat equity into the out buildings that were also big as a barn. To keep crops, critters, machinery equipment protected from the weather elements.

Often the house was more of a shell and completion projects had to wait until crops were planted or harvested. Fencing was put up and out buildings were one by one built to put online to serve the family farm enterprise.

Boarding homes in my town that is a county seat were needed for folks who spent the week working on their education at Ricker Classical Institute. Then going home on the weekends to work at their family livelihoods. The big homes in Maine used to house the railroad and lumber workers who could not easily use an Interstate to move around but who relied on the iron rails and steel horse pulling all the cargo and passenger cars.

Large homes can mean more than one house in the mix too.

Sharing the same well and septic system. Often there is a generous sized family farmstead and a smaller hired hand or family member’s house nearby. Farmer’s home administration recognized in it’s origins that son’s and daughter’s of farmers needed housing. A helping hand so more Maine farmers would be created to replace the last set of dirt and animal agriculture members.

Here to help if what you own now is getting to be a tight squeeze. Or that you need an extra bedroom and bath. Would like larger work areas in your garage so more bays and overhead storage is on your real estate shopping list. More room, a bigger home, more space. Are you in the market for a large home for sale in Maine?

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