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Welcome To Historic, Friendly Linneus, Maine!

The Story

Linnues Is Farms, Woods Work And Recreation.

Linneus Maine is a bedroom community to Houlton Maine. The Military Highway what they call the Bangor Road. This US RT 2A was the only way to get to Northern Maine at one time. Now Interstate Exits off I-95 paves the way to get to Aroostook County quickly at higher farm tractorspeeds. But the old way to Bangor heading down through the Haynesville Woods is ten miles shorter. But the speed limit is not a legal 75 and you take chance hitting Bambi or Gentle Ben. Those make for very large and extremely dangerous hood ornaments. The pot holes of spring can be a challenge to maneuver too.

Head north to Exit 302 at Houlton and back southwest on US RT 2A to Linneus. Or Smyrna I-95 Exit 291 and east on US RT 2 to the Station RD in New Limerick where you turn right, then left at the end of the Station Road to hit the Lake Road which passes the Houlton Community Golf Course and Nickerson Lake.

(The South side and east end of Nickerson is in Linneus Maine).

Right on US RT 2A gets you to Linneus Maine a round about way with a cross country course. You’ll get the hang of it the longer you study the lay of the land. There are trails, networks of pathways that open up the woods, fields, pastures of Linneus Maine too. The Linneus Sno Sports Club House is located in this friendly Southern Aroostook County town.

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