Listen In, Eavesdrop On Maine Real Estate Broker Conversations?

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What the grapevine says about Mooers Realty, a Maine real estate broker.

We make it pretty plain up front we don’t like blowing our own horn . Prefer to let others do that talking.

But as much we like to just work hard providing the best level of Maine real estate service possible, part of the marketing of your brand involves Maine real estate office testimonials.

Recent comments grading our Maine real estate performance.maine lighthouse nubble photo

“Andy Mooers is an excellent Maine REALTOR.

He knows his stuff when it comes to Maine real estate and Aroostook County.”

“Andy went well above and beyond to help us get into our dream Houlton Maine home.

I highly recommend Andy as he and his secretary Robin go the extra mile to make sure you are a satisfied real estate client.” – Amy Hayes Carmichael

The secret to success is not just hard work. But thinking customer. Being that buyer or seller, if it was your real estate involved that you were purchasing, having to move, get sold.

Seeing the process and education, setting expectations part of it too.

But always changing and moving, reinventing itself, that is real estate today.

More technical, sophisicated and time is everything in saving the heartache, the added expense to Maine real estate buyers if they are made to wait needlessly.

Or Bryan Denlinger from PA posts “I can honestly say that I have never experienced anything like my time at Mooers Realty. Both Andy and Robin were extremely friendly and helpful!”

“They know the area well and are genuinely interested in honest dealings with their clients. If a Maine house needs work, Andy will tell you about it.

The difference is that Andy will then proceed to tell you how to fix the problem or make suggestions for the best local contractor to do the repairs for you.”

“I really felt like Mooers Realty was more interested in getting good people into the community, rather than just making a sale. Honest people are not always easy to find.”lupines in maine photo

“But I can tell anyone who reads this that they can feel safe going to Mooers Realty if they are looking for a home, cabin, or land.”

“I purchased two different properties through them, and I would do it again in a heart beat!” Thank you for the feedback. the  honor, privilege to be of service in your Maine real estate sales Amy and Bryan.

What makes for a quality experience when buying or selling Maine real estate?

It starts, ends, is maintained by a connection. Feeling like the agent or broker is listening, taking very good notes. Understands the needs of the buyer and seller.

And sets the expectations, guides the process from listing to banking to closing. And working around the obstacles that come up along the way.

Details like possession, repairs needed to pass muster with the appraiser if it is a home sale needing a bank loan.

In marketing a property listing, I don’t own the Maine real estate.

And always remember who does. Being sensitive to work about showings to be as unobstrusive as possible.

To respectively give advice, guidance but also never take the tone or approach that the seller must do this, this and that. I make suggestions, discuss what could happen if this or that route is taken to loose ends that come up during the Maine real estate sale.

With buyers, it is not instantly knowing exactly what they want, should do for a real estate purchase.

It is not about making my job easier. It is finding a property listing, Maine real estate that works for them best. That fits, is a match.

cows mooers photoThat just works when considering all the other life variables that go into the Maine real estate sale.

The price range, size requirements.

All the other needs of the folks who are going to be using the property.

Providing the options, giving lots of selection and making the Maine real estate presentation complete.

Putting it all on the line, online. Imagery, maps, videos, lots of details, all the information. So no one is put off, delayed or made to feel teased. Whether it is during office hours or the middle of the night should not matter.

Time is precious, Maine real estate is a big purchase and life changing decision.

It affects the people involved significantly. Plus the situations from divorce, estate settling and everything inbetween make it never a dull moment. Lots of emotion. In the ever changing, evolving Maine real estate list, market, sell (repeat).

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |   |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton ME 04730

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