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Welcome To Historic, Friendly Littleton, Maine!

How To Get Here

Head North young man, US RT 1 divides Littleton Maine in two halves. But before paved department of transportation Maine roads were steamed with new hot top to zip along, it took a long time. Sometimes the early settlers would not have made it without the help of First Nation Maliseet and Micmac locals.

There are stories about wayward travelers loosing their direction and wandering over into Canada from Littleton, the Houlton area.

With kind souls in Woodstock New Brunswick nursing the tired, hungry and bug bitten discouraged Boston area hikers back to health. These folks in search of a new beginning, lots of low cost land to grub stake had to take weeks on waterways, horse paths, and carrying provisions in all kinds of challenging weather conditions.

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Welcome To Littleton Maine In Aroostook County!

I have read stories of food deprived early settlers who were given fish broth to keep the food down as hydration and rest got them back on their feet.

There was no GPS to punch in and sit back, waiting for the New Zealand like voice do all the work in early days settling Northern Maine.

We’ve blogged about Littleton Maine before, it’s one of my favorite local towns where we list, market, sell properties.

How to explore Littleton and get here. If you don’t come up from Houlton Interstate 95’s Exit 302 with a straight US RT 1 shot.

Littleton Maine, you could come over from New Brunswick Canada from the Fletcher Road in Monticello or the Houlton Maine US International port of entry.

Or during the Phish concerts that clogged US Rt 1 where every running VW micro-bus on the planet heading up the highway to Loring Air Force Base where the jamming happened. The knowing the local lay of the land paid off in aces, all spades. We just used the Foxcroft Road to run east and parallel to US RT 1, or could cross into Canada to come back in after using the Trans-Canada.

Using the Front Ridge Road and jumping from road to road like a tree monkey Tarzan also helped us continue our real estate list and sell showings.

RT 11, the back way to Northern Maine mostly log trucks and a few tourists also helped us go the long way around connecting with RT 212 off US RT 2 for a work around alternate route. The ITS snow sled trails using the old abandoned railroad bed can access all you would ever need to see and get to in Littleton Maine as well!

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