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Welcome To Historic, Friendly Littleton, Maine!

The Story

Littleton Maine, Well Run Small Northern Maine Community.

The population of Littleton Maine today is around 1068 folks. The town like most of Northern Maine started out as a land grant to a Southern New England school sold off to fund the education in Massachusetts. Littleton’s north half belonged to Framingham Academy, the township’s south half controlled by Williams College.

Littleton Maine, Watson Covered Bridge Spanning The Meduxnekeag River.

The laying it all out on paper in Littleton Maine started in 1800-1801.

Development of this rich farming community began after that. The early settlers came to Littleton came to Aroostook County in search of good land. The elevation of the town is 472′ and GPS coordinates latitude and longitude (46.23088,-67.84113).

A few farmers who have the best interest of the community at heart get the high marks in Littleton Maine. After the first Littleton Maine settler Thomas Osborne arrived on the scene in 1835, Lewis DeLaite followed suit in 1840. Then Samuel Adams, not the beer maker or President, along with Francis Watson and John Little according to history records.

littleton maine
Welcome To Littleton Maine In Aroostook County!

The trio created Littleton Maine farms on the east side of the Meduxnekeag River.

The settlement took root and grew in the Eastern section of Littleton first. It is in the area of the cover bridge in Watson Settlement in Littleton the town named in honor of Portland Maine’s Josiah Little.

Little who was earlier proprietor for the sale of the lands that needed disbursement and settlement in the vast unpopulated areas of Northern Maine.

Fertile farm soil that is well drained, the availability of water power with the Meduxnekeag River and Big Brook helped Littleton Maine grow and prosper.

Gravel deposits the glacier was kind enough to leave behind in esker horsebacks ridges along with healthy heart mixed wooded land all made Littleton Maine a blue ribbon location for land.

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