Livestock, Horses, Cows, Or Crops Grown, Raised On Maine Farm?



Maine farm properties, listings with acreage so the real estate is used for crops or critters.

We grew up on a Maine farm, own one now. So it is very easy to loosen the tie. Slip on the blue jean overhauls, steel toe work boots. To slide on the work gloves and answer questions about Maine farms for sale. farmers market photo

The lifestyle of simple living on a Maine farm.

I enjoyed being raised on a Maine farm.

The reason folks want the outdoor playing in the dirt living.

Is often they want kids to learn from the experience.

Everyone pitches in, has a distinct role in the Maine farm family experience.

Creating wealth out of the soil, water, sunshine. Lots of hard work and always looking skyward.

For support, to study those black clouds rolling in overhead the Maine farm too.

That can mean an interruption in what you had planned to do on the Maine farm this afternoon. The next few days. Being flexible, a jack of all trades too helps keep the farming operation rolling smoothly.

New younger breeds of Maine farmers are coming online. There is a resurgence of locally grown, close to home farm products market buying underway. These are exciting times and better, healthier food for the family is the end result to sustainable Maine agriculture.

 Maine farming, the weather causing suddenly a new direction taken. When heading inside the machine or tractor shed. To work in the shop on equipment that is ailing. Needing repair while the heavens open up.

horses on maine farm winter photoRain showers that are hopefully needed begin to soak the ground in a good way on a Maine farm.

Just enough moisture to keep everything lush, growing richly.

Planted, tended, harvested before frost hits. Sets in. And winter happens in Maine.

So please check out the Maine farm listings on this site.

Ask lots of questions, don’t swallow then. Raise your hands and get the conversation about Maine farming started. We get excited helping someone new to the Maine farm arena figure out what steps to take. In what order.

And for those pretty savvy, with the farming background to know the lingo they speak.

We are very fluent in Maine farm. To help find the right property acreage in the price range the real estate farm buyer can afford. Are you looking to buy a Maine farm for sale?

Some Maine farm land is better suited for pasturing cows, horses, ponies, small animals like sheep, sheep dog photo

But if not livestock, other land in Maine with long fertile level to rolling acreage.

That kind of rock free terrain and right soil profile is ideal for rows of crops.

Planted in the spring, in a year to year crop rotation designed not wear out the soil.

To maximize the yield. To avoid soil erosion on the farm property acreage.

Rows of young tree seedlings, planted on Maine farm plantations. Pick you species or do many. Christmas trees, growing tree stands of white and red pine. Harvesting wood lots for the cedar log home stock.

Black spruce, something else along the fruit tree or landscaping line tended. Farming is not just raising what you put on the family table when the dinner bell rings.

Maine farming. Can be you pick, truck gardening. Fruits, berries and not just veggies. Wool from sheep, cheese from goats, dairy cattle milk.

Or meat processed for the freezer to get you through a long Maine winter. cows tongue farming photoWith beef, poultry you grew on the Maine farm.

Know what went in, comes out for locally grown Maine beef, chicken.

Whatever meat or table produce raised on the Maine farm.

Remembering all the time, no farmer, no food.

Is the most humble hunger, scary situation known to man or beast.

How do you like your fresh Maine farm eggs cooked again?

Or large ponds for fish farming in Maine. Growing hops for barley pop. Farming in Maine, which kind and what exactly did you envision, have in mind for a property listing. And in what price range or budget consideration is handy to know.

Maine farmsread horse riding lessons and teaching kids how to jump and compete with horses in the ring. Clearing jump courses and haying to make sure they are properly fed. All part of running a summer camp for kids in Maine on the farm property.

Farming in Maine is big, small or inbetween.

But hardwork, creative thinking, passion for working the Maine land is critical.

To make the Maine farm profitable. To grow, be self sustaining. Hopefully passed on to another generation of farms in Maine. The property to be passed on a younger Maine farmer. Maine has four times more younger, micro farming operators coming on each year than any other state. Remember, oo farmer, no food. Thank the farmer when you say pass the potatoes please.

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