Living Off Grid, Sustainable In Maine

living off grid sustainable

Living off grid, sustainable in Maine.

This blog post about reasons to live off grid, how to become more independent and self sufficient in Maine.

For starters, why off grid living off the land in Maine?

Better for your health is one hard to argue with reason to pull the plug and live off grid. Running away from expensive rents is another. No more carrying way too many heavy mortgages, the monthly credit card debt sustainable in Maine.

Living Off Grid Sustainable In Maine. Could You Do It? Living Off The Land In Maine. Ready?

Losing the need for round the clock enhanced security and sliding a taser into the holster before undoing the chain and dead bolt locks.

Lots to love living off grid to heal the hurt caused by consumerism that can leave you feeling worn to a nub. You control your self inflicted time schedules not others.

Living off grid might be harder for “social animals” or anyone needing to be the center of attention though.

Joy from creating something sparked by an idea to take the path less traveled takes courage and resilience.

Some Maine land buyers call the real estate office looking to “get below radar”.

Just want a quick fix, low cost vacation property out in the middle of the Great North Maine woods. Seeking to step off the merry go round that only seems to be going faster and faster where they live now.

Using a band aid once in a while approach for some much needed rest and relaxation.

Listen, watch a video about one couple who fished all the wilderness lakes around Baxter State Park, Mt Katahdin.

This off grid property with 55 acres of good woods was a small hand built one owner cabin with side screened porch. Lots of recreational trails for use anytime the couple could head uptah camp in Maine.

Here are a couple off grid property real estate listings in Maine that did not last long on the real estate market.

Side by side but different real estate owners, two homesteaders living off grid with a simple approach to pulling the plug.

Using solar panels, building their own housing and auxiliary buildings to complete the homesteading picture. Ready for simple Maine living?

Eight out of ten folks choose living in a crowded city setting but not doing it by choice.

The need for better paying jobs in highly specialized, competitive fields causes the migration to urban areas. But the attraction of living off grid, sustainable in Maine offers a much different approach to life.

Being up close and personal with nature, the wildlife and more in control of your daily living is empowering for many. Absolute terror for others who can not imagine giving up the corporate ladder climb.

Living off grid means you count on yourself more.

Up to you to keep the winter wood heater stove fed. The pantry root cellar full of canned goods from tilling your own dirt efforts. Living off the land and knowing what you are eating. Home grown close to home, farm to table food is wholesome and healthy. Keeping food cold means using winter weather as your ice box.

Different food storage methods and choices in warmer weather.

Fire up the generator for those dark times with more clouds than sunshine to charge up the batteries when the solar panels don’t.

Feeding yourself, family and selling the surplus to others or giving it away to someone more needy.

You have to plan your day, season and work around the Maine weather. But the honest work, labor of love. It leaves a good taste in your mouth knowing where the food on your table came from, what it was not sprayed with in your homestead off grid operation.

living off grid
Self Produced Power With Out The Utility Wire.

Living off grid, off the land in Maine.

It is a lot easier if you grew up on a Maine farm. Or have exposure to always outdoors and laboring in the farm fields, the woodlot. Work is the secret ingredient. But being your own boss, managing your time and resources carefully.

There is a sense of community with others creating their own self sufficient, sustainable off grid lifestyle.

You collaborate with neighbors hundreds of acreages or a couple small towns away. Helping with planting, harvest and building projects. Sharing, tapping into the skill set of self sufficiency is its own reward too. Close to home, grassroots rich and personal.

maine land for off grid living
Off Grid Living On Maine Land. Could You Do It? Pull The Plug?

Sustainable off grid living means investing your time into building something that enhances your life.

Your family benefits from the involvement creating the lifestyle. Get off the device, slide off the couch and grab the other end of that rough sawn 2″x6″ piece of lumber. Everyone has a hand in the off grid survival on your own approach to simple living in Maine.

mooers farm houlton maine
Mooers Farm Houlton Maine! Growing Organic Food For Far Away Markets.

Looking for a piece of Maine land where you don’t need utility produced power?

Been looking into solar panels, wind generators and other ways to live sustainable off grid in Maine? Here to help if you need a parcel of property for whatever level of off grid living you dream about today.

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