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People are busy and generic blog posts on real estate waste a lot of time.

There are millions of them in the way online taking up space. Many not even written by the agent and ghost writers that replicated them do all the hunt and pecking in the copy and paste.

When a blog post reader thinks they are getting needed help and information in the real estate process, things are good.

Right up until the point when they are wasting lots of time and spinning their wheels. Not getting what they hoped for and the blog post title promised. They thought.real estate blog photo

The real estate blog posts that don’t have much in them and can seem machined.

Cranked up and spun out to go through the motions. The best Maine real estate blog posts are helpful. They save time, are fresh and current. Money is saved because the blog posts work to fill a need.

Questions about the real estate process and tips for the listing seller. For say tips on getting a mortgage as a real estate buyer. Folks that get what they are after return to the local real estate souce. Save me time and I am your friend because you provided me something I can use, that I needed.

You did not make me go hunt all over creation and you showed up online on that front page search engine listing because others were thinking pretty much the same thing. Everyone likes a little red hen in the real estate service providing, for anything you need more than you already have for knowledge or experience.

That’s what the goal of this blog post channel is, to combine with the property listing information. To provide a whole lot more to keep you from running here for this, there for that. To have it all at your finger tips, to easily access because the website navigation and design are not difficult or confusing.

To continue the process from listing to the real estate sale closing and everything inbetween.

And especially to approach it all from the local level. Not the one if I was listing and selling property in Miami Florida or Spokane Washington or the island of Maui in the Hawaiian chain of tropical spots.

 Like the weather forecast for Northern Maine today won’t apply to climate conditions in Santa Monica California, everything we create better apply to the local surroundings. Because real estate is fixed based. You don’t search for it on Amazon and within days it arrives as a package through the parcel or mail carriers. real estate blog photo1

It lives and breathes locally and the real estate market the property listings populate changes.

Cools off, heats up or coasts along waiting for a change in market conditions.

New ways to do old things better or more complicated topics needing discussion.

There is never a shortage of real estate in Northern Maine topics to cover for the buying, selling public. But in the background of anything that is written out, images added and published, the awareness that all this is taking precious time for the buyer and seller. So it better be worthwhile.

Would I want to read and absorb this blog post and is it helpful to folks in the audience? Not the entire real estate audience but one by one portions of it.  Because no two real estate buyers and sellers have the exact same property need.

Not everyone is after a starter home looking for ways to finance the first nest.

Not all the real estate buyers or sellers are dealing with a divorce or estate sale and the added dimensions those kind of stressful property transfer create. The buyer after a vacation property, second home that may be the future retirement spot has a different set of questions than the rental income apartment buyer looking for a good investment.

The segments of the real estate audience are so varied and special attention is needed for all of them. Often the blog post channel is a round robin of the top five topics. With new information added to build on what already has been put online for each niche to feed and benefit on. real estate blog photo2

The buyer could be local, the real estate purchaser could know nothing about the local surroundings.

So hop on, take them through the area with a literary, photographic and video spin.

One by one blog posts on the local communities of Maine need to be authored and shared online. To be added to emails where those topics are asked about and the blog posts are crafted to have helpful links to more information on the topic. So the real estate buyer or seller can drilled down into the subject that interests them most.

Here’s my story, my piece of Maine and who you are dealing with on the other end of the information providing signal. 

I was a broadcast news director before the career in listing, marketing, selling Maine real estate happened. And the training in broadcast journalism taught be keep it short, make it worthwhile and explore the topics together with the folks in the audience. Not designed to be funny, clever or entertaining. But good old helpful, educational and designed to save money and time. To bring the folks in the audience up to speed.

And for the technical topics, to make them easier to understand. And short enough so even if the audience was not laying awake nights thinking about the topic, they could still learn something for down the road. When the knowledge was needed or to share with others in a real estate related conversation. 

Real estate blogging, so much of what we do is exposure to the local community events.

What it is like around the real estate listings. Not just listing and that’s about it on the websites we create and feed. But the process of buying it, selling it and everything inbetween. I love where I live and sharing why and exposing the local beauty of the surroundings and neat people who live here is what we do. If someone did not like where they live, why would they stay in that area? Andy Mooers

Needs change in life, real estate shopping for a property that works better and for information revolving around buying and selling it is always in demand.

We welcome suggested topics to add to our blog post channel and if something is missing, let us know. So we can research for something to share if we are a little rusty on the topic or to jump in with both feet and share what we know from real estate experience as a Maine REALTOR in the business for approaching 38 years.

I am a native of Maine, a local that wants to share whatever I can to help folks considering buying here for part time or ful time use.  I have seen lots of real estate markets, studied the trends and can be a help in buying, selling Maine property listings. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573 |  info@mooersrealty.com  |  

MOOERS REALTY 69 North Street Houlton Maine 04730 USA

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