Lower Priced, Yes Cheap Maine Real Estate Property Listings


Blue light special bargains, Mainers love and live for a value in everything from real estate property listings to day to day essential purchases.

moosemaineRunning a tight ship with getting your money’s worth, a real honest to goodness value.

Or saying pass. Not making the wallet open wide and say “Ahhhh”.

Spending impulse control is part of the simplistic beauty of being a Mainer.

Living here is frugal not cheap and low cost Maine property listings are the icing on the cake.

The cherry on top so to speak.

No matter if you want, need a home in Maine for part or full time use, a big selection and always low cost, easy to own happens. Our selection of property listings in Maine is wide, varied and always thrifty, attractive and so much less than most other places on the planet. How about something on the waterfront? Maybe the thought of being on the water, a lake, river is a pipe dream where you live now. Not in Maine. Make the call, do some homework!

Land for recreational uses in Maine’s four season abundance of outside activities can be bought with owner financing too.

No bank, no long mortgage loan process and before you know it, BAM. Paid for, yours. To enjoy, pass on and to add to your personal wealth in many ways besides property value appreciation. Maine real estate property listings are the best hedge against inflation. And unlike stock values that can tank over night and be worthless, the Maine land is always here. Rumor has it they stopped making Maine land too. But there is still plenty to go around so everyone gets a piece of property.

Second homes for vacation use in Maine or renting out for profit are some kind of plentiful and again lower cost than other places. Multi units for rental income from Maine apartments, commercial property listings. Small mom and pop businesses bought for a song.

Everything you know living here in Maine is probably a third, quarter of what you would find in other more expensive areas of the country.

Be prepared for a big surprise. And enjoy knowing you are in the 4th lowest crime state, Maine. That we are 46th lowest for foreclosure, short sale and repossessions of Maine properties. Because property listings in Maine, real estate is so affordable. And due to our spending, overhead that  is not nose bleed high and out of control.

mainerealestateofficeNot crazy or scary because we live within our means. Below it actually and have savings. Peace of mind that we are not twenty minutes away from financial distaste.Up against it.

That is stress that makes you old quick with worry, scary lay awake night nausea of being between a rock and a hard place.

No way to live. Not the way we roll in Maine.

Less money needed to live means a simple living. More fun, with the things that matter in life. Other people, families, relationships and being in the great outdoors of Maine. Is that what you are after, have been lacking? Mainers are more resilent, self starters and empowered with a can do, up to me if it is to be attitude. Do it yourselvers and beaming with pride of self reliance.

Let’s get started on your property listing in Maine investment. It starts with you talking, us listening and finding the Maine real estate puzzle pieces to build around, plug in to your life.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |   info@mooersrealty.com   |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St  Houlton Maine 04730


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