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The Story

A Half Township Shaped 3 Miles High, Six Miles Wide, That’s Ludlow Maine.

The north half on top of New Limerick, that’s what Ludlow Maine is to the west of Houlton, the Aroostook County seat. With a populationludlow me community around 404 people, an elevation of 830 feet. I have lots of relatives buried in the Ludlow Cemetery high on the ridge overlooking everything to the south of this small Northern Maine township.

Here’s the Wright farm picture that is still standing and located across from this elevation where General Cummins is resting.

Cummins was a Revolutionary War General who surveyed Ludlow out. And received for his efforts a plot of land wherein he selected Ludlow of all the places that he had tramped with the hip chain measuring tools.

Karen’s K-9 is in downtown Ludlow.

That concludes our tour of Ludlow. Well, Barry Lorum has a small truck terminal just as you enter Ludlow from the east on the right after Joe’s Road which is the town line with Houlton. Woodlots, farm fields, three ideal fishing brooks, that’s part of the Ludlow Maine story. Lamb, Mill, Moose Brooks have lots of early spring fiddleheads to pick, steam, eat with some butter and vinegar.

Early Ludlow Maine history time (tap tap tap of wooden pointer on the blackboard).

Ludlow, back when Aroostook County was part of Washington and ruled out of Machias, in 1864 a township formed from the Belfast Academy Grant as a plantation. What was the village called over the years? The northerly half of Township No. 6, Second Range West of the easterly line of the state (T6 R2 WELS); or just the Belfast Academy Grant.

Three school houses at one time in Ludlow for the three “R”s.

Where Moosebrook School is now that serves as the town office. Another further west on the corner of the Russell and Ludlow Road. The last on what my Dad always called the Hoyes farm north east corner that for a time was a hippy home, shabby without the chic lived in by a Ricker College professor named Bobula.

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