Maine Association Of REALTOR State Conventions, Trade Shows.

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You learn plenty in the day to day of listing, selling in small Maine real estate markets.

But state conventions, Maine REALTOR meetings are a souce of rich education too.

This week am parked in classes at the Samoset for the annual Maine REALTOR state convention and trade show in Rockport. Beautiful setting, neat to see old friends that are doing the same list, market, sell (repeat) in other markets from around the Pine Tree State. jeepwayfunmaine photo

The underlying theme during, between real estate continuing education classes this year all abut doing more from the local turf.

Instead of shipping our real estate listings to California or Washington to buy back better positioning in the “mls scrape”, it is key to be more robust back here in Maine.

Where the real estate listings eat, drink, breathe, live.

Have always been a believer to stock the local shelf first.

Maybe it is years of raising vegetables and peddling produce on a Maine farm.

But fresh, full and local trumps stale, missing information shipped back to us that originate here. But too much strained out in the scrape.

 Throwing money at problems is how some handle the real estate marketing.

Paying like pushing coins into a parking meter to buy time. Renting the space instead of owning it. When you blog consistently, produce local community videos, and make it all about your own backyard first, good things happen.

You develop a local following that becomes a national one on the real estate scene. But it means daily stocking those information shelves. Keeping the Maine real estate marketing portals buffet loaded with something worth grazing on. Buzzing about and coming back for more. lupines

Real estate marketing, it works best and only the way it should if you think customer.

Too easy to caught up in the routine to notice if you the real estate professional have wandered off that path.

And are misssing the target, the point of it all. The real estate buyer looking, needing Maine property listings.

Se them, talk to them, single them out of the real estate audience. Help them in the matchmaking of property available to buy in your local area.

Don’t ship all the information west and then hope it comes back with some semblance of what it original was, what the local Maine real estate property listing really is. That information tranfer is so important and the clock is ticking. Trying all the time not to waste a drop of real estate in Maine daylight, moonlight. Thank you for following this real estate blog about Maine property listings.

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