Maine Association Of REALTORS State Convention

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The Maine Association Of REALTORS state convention is in the fall.

Rotating around the state of Maine to be the meeting place. Of ideas, of methods to do business in the list and sell of Maine real estate.

And to gain continuing education credits to make the Maine real estate commission happy.Plus improve the way we attack our days with buyers, sellers, all the association layers of players in the real estate arena.

Networking, finding better ways to do the dog and pony in the list, market, sell (repeat).realtors maine photo

The best of the industry collect and make the time, spend the money, allocate the resources to make the state convention of MAR important.

To attend yearly and take back to the various small markets, a few larger ones in Maine what is learned. New developments in the industry ripple across the land.

Much can be gleaned from others in the real estate trenches slaying the property listing dragon. For the clear to close memo to get to a transaction sit down. To pass the keys, sign the deeds.

To apply the knowledge that embraces the newest technology in real estate learned from speakers that are the best in their field or topic.

To improve customer service, turn around time.

Nothing hurts the real estate list and sell process more than delay.

Unless it is missing information that the buyers have to dig for. Or decisions made in the buying or selling of maine real estate that don’t have accurate, up to the minute information to help in making them.

 Waiting for information or tied to the 9-5 old dynamic of real estate office proceduces is so outdated.

Makes anyone wearing the blue and gold “R” a crusty old dinosaur. On his or her way to extinction. realtors maine convention photo

So from the archives, in the Portland venue, what about past state of Maine REALTORS conventions?

Or how about some mug shots, snaps of single images from one REALTORS Convention in Rockland Maine?

This blog post has images from one too. Maine REALTOR convention at the Samoset in Rockland Maine.

Have you had your state REALTORS convention yet and what time of year is it usually in your corner of the world? realtors maine convention photo

Fall in Maine is the target for the convention of REALTORS in Maine.

Looking forward to the Maine Association Of REALTORS State Convention in Rockland At The Samorset this week!

Seeing old friends in the real estate industry. Enjoying the ride and all the handiwork of Jack Frost. Who is some kind of busy overnight this time of year.

Using the colder temperatures to carefully add the second bloom, explosion of colors around the state of Maine. Fall foliage is something else near it peak to witness and enjoy.

The fall is a time of harvest for more than produce in Maine. Ideas, knowledge and real estate expertise, skills are honed to a fine point by attending the Maine Association of REALTORS State And County Conventions.

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