Maine Birds, Give Them A Winter Snack.


mainebirdfeederMaine is blessed with lots of wildlife and birds are part of the magic of Vacationland.

Loons on a Maine lake are entertainers thru the warmer months. But during winter months take off. Not returning until the spring. To land again on local Maine water bodies.

The ones that are big enough to allow a take off when the Maine loons have to leave again. Maine migratory game birds, ducks of all kinds  populate the Pine Tree State.

Honking geese flying in V formation overhead the Maine countryside signal fall is waning and winter is approaching for another year.

So in the winter, the smaller birds that stick around Maine but have less to eat need a helping hand.

Feeders that you have to shoo chipmunks, squirrels and other predators away from are part of the fun to maintain the chirp cheep peep sounds in your side yard at a Maine home.

House cats are entertained and slightly frustrated as they watch from glass sun porches. As the buffet for birds, a diner round the clock is kept fuel of suet, seeds, feed for the winged patrons.

I enjoy watching Maine birds. But also capturing photos of the Maine birds feeding, interacting. Hummingbird feeders with sweet nectar are busy airports for refueling operations. Aas the whir, buzz of the hyper fast wings make the agile, colorful birds entertaining to watch eat. To observe darting, flit, diving and heading in every direction with much activity centered around the suet, seeds stocked in feeders. All because of the feeder filled with sunflower seeds, other goodies. For the birds set up in your yard to attract them, sustain them over the leaner, slim pickings for feed during the Maine winter months.

maineloonsMaine is famous for hunting birds too.

Wild turkeys, duck, partridge, pheasant and other Maine game birds.

But the variety of smaller winged wonders in this Maine bird photo, image array shows so many that live around out state.

On a Maine farm growing up, barn swallows industriously built mud nests in machine sheds. In barns or other buildings if doors left open, or a window pane missing.

Allowing an easy entry due to the small size of a variety of Maine birds.

My Mom especially loved robins. With big red breasts, hopping, stopping, looking for worms early in the morning on the front lawn.

She was protective of the birds and would keep an eye on the farm cat to make sure the birds did not become a cat snack. Be silenced.

Her bird feeders set up, stocked with feed growing up makes me appreciate, have a greater awareness of birds that flock to Maine andmainehummingbirds surround our daily lives with song, beauty, photo opportunities. Woodpeckers, noisy blue jays, yellow finches and other birds that make you look up what they are. That are not so plentiful or out in the open as you travel around Maine.

New to Maine and want to see more of what she offers?

Here is a one by one, cards layed down on the table approach to Maine living thru photography, imagery, pictures.

Or for community living in Maine videos, visit our channel.

When you have less people, you have more wildlife.

If you were an animal, you would not gravitate to shopping malls, urban areas of crowded neighborhoods, or lines and lines of slow moving traffic with honking horns, frustrated drivers.

Maine is the place with the space. For better living, healthier surroundings get to Maine, quick as you can. Come for a day and end up staying a lifetime.

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