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It is easy to get caught up in the marketing whirlwind that surrounds us.

horsesmainegroupBombards us from all directions. Heck that behind the curtain online follows us. Based on what we search, browse has us pretty well pegged.

Secretly records our preferences, shopping key strokes. Some argue that the search robots study our spending habits,  preferences so accurately they know us better than you and I do ourselves.

But that’s why Maine was made.

Having the latest and greatest, newest and flashiest model this or that is not key. Dressing to impress, what you drive to cause envy is not the way the day to day rolls best.

No no, because there is a price for keeping up with the Jones.

And you lose who you could be if you just kept your eyes on your own paper. To create your own list of what is most important in life. And when you put on those blinders, stop watching what Madison Avenue ad men and women pitch their hardest, you start really living. The way you know is healthiest for you.

It’s like a musician that stops using auto tune.

Not going to just do covers of other people’s music anymore. And starts to create new, unique, different for quality of their life. Healthy mentally, financially, spiritually and physicaly what you can do day to day to live life to the fullest. Your life, full of what you enjoy, find personally rewarding. No matter rich season in Maine you are currently enjoying.

Once folks that chased the dream into the big city, bright lights hustle bustle realize it is time for a change, it is like a counselor that can finally made progress. Help you define what is important. And quickly when you look around a small Maine town, you realize the most deermoosemaineprecious items are not things, store bought articles.

It is the fruit of the connection you feel instantly that transforms you in a small Maine town. You work events, not attend them. You are needed to make a difference. The place would not be the same without you becomes known.

Awareness, clarity of what is really important to your life emerges, lots of small adjustments are made in the daily routine.

Many of our Maine real estate buyers seek a patch of dirt, woodlot. To finally build slowly the house of their dreams. To add auxilliary buildings to add to the sef sufficiency.

The “you can do it” attitude causes growth, removal of blinding boundaries that limit. You find that you need less money and more back bone to pour in the blood, sweat and tears for what is really important. For you and your family. Loved ones.

You turn off the television, stop being tractor beam pulled in by newspaper, online ads. And you ask yourself what do I need to be houltonmainesat4happy, content, at peace? And quickly determine it is not store bought but home made. On your knees in the vegetable garden or acreage.

Finishing up an on going wood cut, split, rack and stack for the winter becomes rewarding.

So does the feeling of accomplishment when you stand back and look at the mini barn with the box and standing stalls for animals. The hayloft overhead that is full to the brim. You are caught up, ready for the next season in Maine.

If not on a farm in Maine, restoring a Victorian home.

That was neglected, not maintained and has issues. But that also plenty of original charm that was not removed during 1970’s paneling and harvest color craze that ruined a lot of homes.

Where the remaining charm was lobotomized in do it yourself, make it look like every other shoe box ranch mentality. Preserve, protect, respect is how we approach our focus on life in Maine.

Moderation, methodical, take care of what you have. Try to make it better than it was. Give it, pass it on to your kids improved beyond how you received it.

New to you happens. Pre-owned cars and trucks you hang on to and avoiding debt is how you survival in gentile poverty in Maine. Happy with what you have, not tongue hanging out, whining about what you don’t need.

And as savings grow, spending impulse control improves, you start to one by one look at expenses for “things” as are they neccesities or luxuries. Do I want them, or do I need them? Knowing you could buy something but saying pass unless the value is there or the timing is right is maturity. Mainers try to impart than wisdom on their kids early on to benefit them for life. Look for a bargain, or put it back on the shelf and wait happens.

The simple approach to life, living in Maine is going to suit you just fine. 4thparadehoultonmaine

Try it on. Being a teacher, working at the local hospital. Enjoying telecommuting to Maine or settling into that retirement. As you run the small Mom and Pop grocery.

Buy, fix up, manage some housing rental units. Or work a job for a little less, but getting a whole lot more. Being self employed and in control of your life to get the most of it possible.

In Maine it is not just the almighty dollar, all about the paycheck.

Because you make not buy what is really important. It is family, community, pitching in and adding to your home town in whatever way you can.

Feeling good about your job, the folks you work with, that care about you. No matter what age, skill set or talent you possess, you feel the match, fit in a small Maine town. It may be what has been missing, haunting and dodging you struggling in the concrete jungle, the urban setting with all that traffic, crime, fast pace, high price to pay for living.

Like a pot luck supper, you bring your best covered dish to the church supper, grange hall or civic club spread. You embrace life because you are more involved in it living, working, playing in a small Maine town. Ready to begin your search for yourself in Maine? Here to help, reach out and connect.

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