Maine Farms | Busy Places With Spring Land Prep, Field Planting.

natures circle maine farms photo

The sunshine overhead a Maine field means activity on the farm land.

Busy, early days and spring planting ending well into the darkness on a farm in Maine. The expression making hay while the sunshines is appropiate. natures circle maine farms photo

To match the activity of Maine farms this time of year.

On the harvest end of things too.

Had the chance to climb into the cab of something green when raised running Maine farm tractors of the red color.

The John Deere 4055 with four wheel drive, air conditioning, surround sound and GPS made the farming process different. Then climbing up into the seat with no tinted glass command center to run the farm tractor operations.

To do the same farming preparation in slightly less high tech ways.

On an open seat IH 806, a Super M, etc with slightly less wide equipment and horsepower pulling it. Not so many expensive farm implements in tow behind the bigger and better tools for food production.

Preparing the ground for precious cut potato seed meant everyone is industrious. No idle hands anywhere in the farm field. The feet of all scurrying to fill big planter hoppers with seed, with fertilizer. natures circle maine farm photo

And in compliance with strict MOFGA guidelines of disinfection with approved bleach.

Used between varieties part of the Maine organic farm land routine.

When this three acres destined for Annie’s ends, a new variety begins in the rolling Maine farm fields.

My partner makes her living marketing the Nature’s Circle brand of Maine organic tablestock and seed produce. And her family farm found her dad, his nephew short handed on the Maine farm land.

So pitching in and remembering the pressure to get those seed in the Maine land. What goes with the procedure to do it right around the weather map patterns. It reminds anyone living and working around a Maine farm how important the land is to their way of life.

To the traditions learned growing up on a Maine farm and exposed to the work ethic that institution naturally creates.

natures circle farm in maine photoThe Maine farm operations today not based on two road technology.

Watch, sample, hear a Maine potato picking with the hand digger approach to harvest video.

The taste of a snack, your lunch of late supper on the run while the weather holds out on the Maine family farm.

And thoughts of if it rains tomorrow, what shift in the approach to the Maine farm day will quickly have to happen. All that pondered at the Maine farm operation goes smoothly.

Dreams last night of dragging the soil conditioner, spring tooth harrow and the patterns to cover the Maine farm ground twice.

At a slightly different angle to break up and create the smooth, tilled seed bed from dirt clumps. Before the multi row planter enters the picture from natures circle farm photoacross the field.

And hopping off the Maine farm tractor periodically to unearth.

Pick up and escort a large rock from the field to the side lines.

Preferably the woods where the rock will not wreak further havoc with the planting, cultivating, harvest of the Maine farm produce.

Nothing like a new rock heading to the surface to mess up the Maine farm operations with an equipment breakdown.

The hillside views as the sun sets part of the hit you hard Maine farm experience too. Especially because my family is a long line of farmers and it is wired in the DNA, runs in the blood that coarses in the veins and arteries.

Maine farm, buying some land and growing or raising something on it for plants, critters. Is that in your dream, your life plan to someday accomplish? Here to help with that Maine farm land dream no matter how large or small.

Let’s talk, connect and share the steps needed to become the owner, to buy a Maine farm with land to put the family to work. To create wealth from the Maine farm land dirt.

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