Maine Homes For Sale, Sure But Not Just Houses, Land.

maine land vending machine

So many markets in real estate are houses, just homes.

Maine homes are part of what we peddle, but other property listings are marketed too. Because when a Maine real estate broker is lucky enough to live in a place called Aroostook County, well now. maine land vending machine

Maine land is part of the property sales, buyer match making.

Because so so many people, like 8 out of 10 have to live.

Do time chasing the dollar in the city, land comes at a premium.

Space is a luxury and expensive.

Or just non-existent.

Except for a park here, some monuments. Maybe a river winding through in a special location of an urban area.

In Maine, the homes all come with lots of land.

And sales of Maine farms, land is part of the selection we offer. Maine waterfront land is part of the vending slots of real estate we do stock. To make sure that there are all the locations, prices.

Every type of each Maine property listing category filled to the brim. To push the selection button. For release, to hear it thud thud. To slide open the bottom door slot. To pull it out and enjoy fully the Maine land.

All flavors of properties makes it more interesting, varied than just Maine house house home. So when it’s talk about how’s the housing market, are homes moving and how fast. maine land photo

I smile.

Because houses, homes in Maine for sale.

Are just part of the property  merchandise we market.

Tip of the iceberg.

But only part of the listings, sales gig we have been involved with for over thirty four years now.

Land in Maine, a big part of what we list, market, sell.

Many people outside the state are thinking retirement in Maine. Are a few years away from that last day on the job too.

So buying a Maine home now. Then not using it for years because too busy. Or sweating nervous. Feeling pretty anxious for fear of what happens. When renting it out. Worrying about how that experience could be a major maine land for sale photomistake.

Could turn out.

All makes just Maine land look pretty darn attractive.

Just plain Maine land to build on. No structures.

To own in case things get too hairy in the city and it’s bail out time. Pulling the ripcord, running away has to happen.

Or exotic Maine land with lots of waterfront, high test farm soil, or a view from the acreage. The kind that makes your eyes bug out. Conversation to stop, a person to forget what was I saying?

As their jaw drops. The panoramic unspoiled scenery pops out at them. Everywhere they look, as they turn in maine photo

Brighter stars at night, intense sunrises and sunsets every day.

Those are just part of the wonders of what happens here in Maine.

Because no light pollution. No one is jammed sardine tightly either. Shoulder to shoulder. Plus zero lot side lines situations do not happen in Maine. Because less people, more elbow room. No traffic. Just plenty of wildlife. Not neighbors. Nice huh?

But even cheap, junk Maine land marketed? Yup.maine land photo

Part of the inventory so it’s something for everyone.

Not one leaves without their piece of dirt, chunk of acreage.

Groups of sportsmen or more than one family pitch in, buy collectively to get a low cost, high value in fun investment together.

So back to land in Maine and would you like waterfront shoreline with that and what kind?

Or is raising your own food, starting a sporting camp business for the outdoor enthusiast the plan? What you are really after? Plan on building the Maine house, home in your head down the road. By yourself and slowly? 

Instead of tackling another person’s mistake or nightmare for a Maine home, house? That no matter how much money you throw at it. Just not going to end up being your cup of tea. Just a bigger mistake for an investment.videos mooersrealty

Get what you want and consider just land in Maine.

Forget about the houses, homes in Maine for sale. And hog a lot of Maine land. All to yourself.

Let’s connect, talk. To bring out the Maine land for sale property listings one by one to consider when you are ready.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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