Maine Homes With Land For Sale


Maine homes with land for sale.

maineblackbearThat is one popular listing type that we get asked for and yes. Real estate agents, brokers do take requests. All the time. One reason the extra land, acreage is important to so many buyers? They they have lived most of their life out of state from Maine without it.

And you know what happens to laboratory rats when they have lots of food, all the other needs except space.

Bad things. People are the same way. Take away their personal space or invade it and watch out. Things go down hill fast.

Crazy things from road rage to protection orders and everything inbetween happens.

Or worse and why urban areas have high crime. Too many people. Which explains traffic, all that wasted time being killed. Life is short.

Small town living in Maine is not like in the city like that. It’s why Vacationland is the 46th lowest state for crime. No gangs, no drive by shootings, no neighborhoods to avoid at night.

The reason land in Maine comes with all the homes, waterfront camps, hobby and working farms is no people. More wildlife. A little further up the pike so it is going to stay that way. And because of off the beaten path, the prices for the property listings is low. Everything you know about real estate prices, divide by three, four or more.

The cost of insuring, materials to fix and maintain the Maine home is lower too because it all goes hand in hand. lukeysnow

Welcome to small Maine town simple living. Where the fun is low or no cost. Where doors are not locked. Where people wave, are friendly and there is a town wide connection.

When I see a real estate market in California where the mortgage for the house with zero lot lines and jammed in on all sides with a $640,000 mortgage, I am glad I live in Maine.

List, market and sell real estate in Maine.

Along with the lower priced Maine real estate, suddenly other things fall into place to free up the cost of living.

Leave more room for more do it yourself jack of all trades approach to life. Greater awareness and working together with the folks around you.

Bringing your talents to the table and taking on the community event actitivity that fits your skills, desires. And that job is yours. For life.

Because less of us, but closer and working together in the small Maine town experience.

Home made not store bought. More of a  potluck supper approach to living when you find yourself in a small Maine town. Lucky enough to own a piece of heaven in Vacationland.

Something missing where you hang your hat now?  Been dreaming in blue and green about Maine? Here to help when you are ready. But in the beginning lots of questions about the area, the local communities in Maine need answering. Fire away and we’ll help one by one knock those down. So you can move on to the property listings in Maine for sale that would be a good fit, perfect match.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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