Maine Hunting Orange, Look Good Wearing It.


Maine hunting for wildlife game or for real estate listings.

mainedeertrioFall is a time when folks jammed in wall to wall city circles decide to break away. To spend some time in a hunting cabin in the middle of nowhere in the Maine woods.

Low cost Maine property listings for hunting and the follow up snow sledding are plentiful. Lots of selection and easy to buy with buddies who you hang out with all the time anyway. Like family, other hunters, old class mates and folks you can stand from work.

The question comes up a lot about hunting in Maine near residences, houses, homes.

What is the rule, skinny? Well for starters in Northern Maine with 11 people per square mile, no reason to be toting firepower, a gun, bow and arrow in a backyard of someone’s house or home.

Out in the willy wags, in the unorganized townships of Maine is where you want to be tramping for Bambi, other game beside deer, moose, black bear.Some Maine hunters are really after the fellowship, the baked beans, chili, home made food and cribbage card games. Just to be in the front of a crackling, warm cabin all by itself in the Maine woods with peace and quiet. The occasional trip to the outhouse and pretty much cabin bound for the week’s vacation.

Here is the official word from the Maine Inland And Wildlife people in Augusta on that subject of hunting, shooting a gun around a Maine residence, home. “Shooting within 100 yards of Maine home dwelling: It is unlawful to discharge any firearm, including muzzleloading firearms, or crossbow within 100 yards of a building without permission from the owner, or in the owners absence, an adult occupant who dwells in that location. Building means any Maine residential, commercial, retail, educational, religious or farm structure that is designed to be occupied by people or domesticated animals or is being used to shelter machines or harvested crops.”

And term “heater hunter”, someone who trolls with a pickup thermos of hot coffee, not hooch looking for wildlife from the comfort of their vehicle or ATV.

mainesnowsleddingComfortable but what do the Maine hunting regulations say about the subject that comes up almost as frequently as the one about how close to Maine houses to hunt.

The official take from the Maine Inland Fisheries folks at the capital.

You can’t troll with a gun muzzle poked out the vent window.

“Shooting from a motor vehicle or motorboat or possessing a loaded firearm or crossbow in or on a motor vehicle: It is unlawful to shoot while in or on a motor vehicle or motorboat or have a loaded firearm or crossbow while in or on a motor vehicle, trailer, or other type of vehicle being hauled by a motor vehicle except as specifically allowed.

  • Persons who hold a valid Maine permit to carry a concealed weapon may carry a loaded pistol or revolver in a motor vehicle.
  • Paraplegics and single or double amputees of the legs may shoot from motor vehicles that are not in motion.
  • Migratory waterfowl may be hunted from a motorboat in accordance with federal regulations.
  • A person may shoot from a motorboat if that boat is not being propelled by the motor except as allowed in dispatching crippled waterfowl under power. The wanton waste law allows you to shoot cripples under power on those coastal waters and all waters of rivers and streams lying seaward of the first upstream bridge.”   

Maine crisp fall hunting weather is a great time to retreat, head to the woods. For year after year never fade, memory making long traditions hunting trips to Maine.The rules on Maine hunting, trapping to study, adhere to and for safety in the woods of Vacationland. Don’t forget the fashionable orange to wear for hunter safety.

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