Maine Land, The Need For Different Property Acreage Sizes.

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Land in Maine, there is a strong desire of many to own some property, acreage.

maine moose photo at baxterBecause space has been the burning desire through out history. Many wars were fought over real estate. Who owned the land being suddenly challenged.

Conveniently moving the boundaries to suit the more aggressive, bolder of the bordering countries happened a lot. Changing the line in the sand between the “this is my land, this is your land” defining.

Not enough space for the masses continues to be a problem when eight out of ten people live in a city, urban area.

Not all in the city because they want to, but because the bulk of the jobs, employment are in population clusters around the country or world. Telecommuting to a Maine small town has helped solve the what can I do for work, for a job in Vacationland mystery. Bring the old job with you but get to enjoy more space, lower cost Maine land as one big perk, bonus, cherry on top.

So land in Maine. What are the types of buyers for property with some acrerage do we deal with daily? Many who want “meat on the bones”. To get as big a chunk of Maine land as possible. Quantity almost more important than quality for many land buyers in Maine. Because of the lack of elbow room where they live now.

The land situation of being too jammed, hemmed in all their life has prematurely aged many. Stress beyond just the heavy crime from making sure not to step on anyone’s toes, bump into them in traffic, on sidewalks. All taken it’s toll in the energy wasted, expended to keep away from people. To have the neighboring folks surrounding them back off. To create some distance so the buyer can enjoy his own space. Not interfere with someone else’s area they call home base. Where they hang their hat. Live, work and play. Hunting For Maine Moose Season Underway

Space is expensive or non-existent in cities.

They build up, because no way to go out. Because the land is precious, in short supply, big demand. In Maine, less people and plenty of land to go around means help yourself.

Surprise from a Maine land buyer where they can buy 66 acres for in the teens causes a smile for one Pennsylvania buyer we closed a sale on this week.

And have listed 77 acres of Maine land on the snow sled, ATV trail, with paved frontage and power for an asking price of $22,000 available if you are interested.

And for a New Hampshire buyer that I did a pre-closing with the sellers this morning. He is tickled pink to in an hour be the proud owner of some Maine land. His acre lot seems huge in a town of around 160 people that is six by six miles large.

The land in Maine on a dead end road, no neighbor in sight in any direction.

Has a drilled well we figured out is 136′ deep. A concrete modern septic system. Power pole, lawn, gravel drive way all in and the cost? $11,900 buys this retirement Maine land he will build something simple, small, modest. No mortgage, just him to live on the Maine land. And talk of not needing pressurized water, putting on a Bison Pump produced locally and the town does not require a building permit maine amish buying land photoeither.

This land buyer says life in Maine is so much simpler, cheaper, natural. And the way it used to be in other areas where one by one land, space has become a premium, very expensive to obtain. Or pretty much non-existent.

Maine land buyers, some want recreational acreage, property to tramp for hunting, fishing, sporting.

Some want to buy a big chunk of Maine land wholesale. Then divide it up and resell the lots retail. Others want to finally just build the house in their head.

The one that is everything they liked in others they have lived in, owned thus far. And without all the features they were not so cranked up about in places they called home.

But space, around the waterfront land, the intown or country building house lots is always larger than they are accustom. Pleasant surprise. The ring of extra Maine land insulates their dream. Provides the buffer, protection to assure they don’t have to reach out and touch anyone. Ever.

Get to Maine, we have sixty parcels of just raw land in all shapes, sizes, locations, types to kick the tires on, to select.

How about something on a lake, river, stream? With an eye ball snatching, jaw dropping view? Open fertile farm land or wooded property acreages off grid. It runs the A-Z gamut. Match the one that works best for your desires, to make the wallet you sit on, the purse you carry smile in agreement. Or with attractive owner financing terms on the Maine land. Watch, listen to the Maine land owner financing video. Here to help when you are ready to buy some Maine land.

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