Maine, Owning Property, What’s So Great About Living Here?

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Living in Maine, what do you get around a property listing when you buy real estate here?

Going in the price is so low that living debt free opens up all kinds of options. Because you are freed up on the worry of making a large monthly payment for this or that. Or many at all.maine flowers photo

Once the not needing lots of money to live in Maine sinks in, the new property listing buyer starts to add up savings in other areas too.

Car insurance when you live in the 4th lowest crime state. Means expect to pay about one quarter of our friends behind the wheel.

With the hands in 10 and 2 on the way to work on 495 or 128 in Bean Town.

More car accidents, thefts means higher premiums due to the risk.

Simple Maine living has lots of other advantages too.

Like not locking your door. Smiling. Making eye contact and waving at your neighbor. Or to anyone you meet. Strangers don’t stay that way long in small town rural Maine living.

The involvement in the small communities is part of the connection. You are needed to offer your talents. Get knee deep, sleeves rolled up busy. Pacing yourself. But suddenly playing an intrical part in some local events.

Which means next year you continue the work from what was learned the previous year.You sign on for life and are happy, rewarded for it with the deep satisfaction that builds inside.

That task is just one of your new and long term positions in the small Maine town.

To expect, figure in for your mission and you gladly accept when lucky enough to be in Vacationland. Not for one small long weekend. Not for just seven to ten boy with the leaking boot photodays which is way way too little. Simply not enough.

To tide you over until the next yearly mecca, trek, pilgrimage to Maine.

But to last, continue into all four seasons. Because you are in Maine. It starts to sink in.

So you begin exploring a circle further, more miles, a greater distance sweep away from your property in Maine.

So much to see and the expression is true. Come to Maine for a day, end up staying a life time. Here are some simple Maine images to help hammer home the point.

The local community videos of Maine partner with the images to show you what it is like in Vacationland. When you are lucky enough to find yourself living the dream, the good life in a small Maine town setting.maine lake ducks photo

Kids learn work ethic helping neighborhood businesses, local farmers.

Family values, respect are weaved into the childhoods.

The water and air is clean, unspoiled, not polluted.

This is lots of space, acreage not measured in fractions of inches.

You can actually see stars at night. And hear it over and over muttered. “I had no idea all those many brilliant stars were up there. Where I used to live and they were not visible. I had forgotten about stars.”

Light pollution, having to pay attention to where you are going with just too many people. Worry, fear about crime or just bumping into someone. All take their toll in realizing the simple things. The ones we enjoy, count our blessings about daily. Grateful to live in Maine.

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