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Maine ranches, the term used to find a home with land is farm properties.

Real estate that is used for farming purposes are very popular. Not everyone is thinking farming on the large scale either. But just like the outdoor lifestyle, the wide open space that country living provides. farmmorning

When you think ranches, I don’t know about you but for me Bonanza, something with thousands of acres and herds of cattle comes to mind.

With Hoss, Little Joe, amazing mountain backdrops, wide fast moving rivers to get the cattle across on the way to market.

Because I grew up on a Maine farm, and own one that is in crop production, the term ranch was not used much growing up. Except to describe a one floor home that often comes in the basic 5-3-1 configuration of 5 rooms, 3 bedrooms, 1 bath layout. 

If local property buyers are all your have to work with, using the real estate terms your friends and neighbors weave into conversations are a smart idea.

You’ll lose them if you don’t pick familiar terms and native expressions. But when the Internet marketing is far reaching and out of state or out of the country, speaking the real estate language for terms your buyers, sellers use is critical. So the customer or client feels you are talking the same lingo and more importantly because real estate searches made online better include the terms being typed into the queries. 

So ranches for sale in Maine, not just the single level homes with a yard out back but the properties with acreage, with open fields and pastures. Maybe with fencing all established, with the barns, machine sheds, other farm buildings needed for housing critters, crops, agriculatural equipment that go along with the lifestyle pursuit.

I have found it better to get the word out on what each and every property is all about upfront and online.

And not to wait until the buyer actually makes it to Northern Maine to kick some tires and tour some farm property listings. 

The folks looking for a Maine ranch for sale with the farm land surrounding a home if there is one don’t have time to waste or money to burn either. Give them the full meal deal treatment and better have the information being dished out hot and ready round the clock like a 24-7-365 buffet of tasty details.farmbarncows2

The out of town, out of state or country Maine real estate buyer does not want to run the roads to look at each and every new property listing that comes up for sale. And they should not have to which is why we produced farm property videos for the wanna buy a ranch in Maine inclined buyer.

The you are there before you even decide to travel to this little bit off the beaten bath Maine location is so productive for far away real estate buyers. To begin the dream and to one by one tour the video open house on demand presentations.

The videos don’t have to be high budget or entertaining. Just helpful and with over two milllion views on the Mooers Realty you tube channel, they work and are so worth the effort put into shooting, editing, uploading them for the World to see. 

When you live in a city setting and space of any kind is highly priced or just does not exisit, the attraction of Maine ranch or farm settings with all this space and low population is a strong one.

Add to it that buyers have a price advantage and the low cost for the property in Maine just drives the pressure to purchase even harder. The quality of the timberland, the waterfront, the panoramic views all help to differentiate each and every farm or ranch listing too.

Let’s begin the search for this type of property and check over together available current listings in the inventory of what’s for sale in Maine! And not ready to buy today but need help with the information gathering as you bone up on the area, the property types available? That is fine! Let’s talk, get the ball rolling. No pressure, no deadlines, 

Looking for some land acreage with or without the building improvements in Maine?

Need owner financing to help get a leg up with seller assisted payment installments to fit your budget? Or need some time put into the discussion on the types of Maine farms availabvle and to find the best fit for you and your wallet? Here to help and the better the real estate relationship, the happier camper the buyer is with the solution we help to hammer out in the property listing matchmaking. Every property has distinct differences and one size fits out does not work when it all shakes down.elliot farmboy

Ever read a real estate ad where everyone sounds pretty much the same and the description is too skimpy along with the number of images used to promote it? 

We try to avoid the kid’s menu smaller size marketing blurbs and strive to add a better online real estate experience.

Information about the local communities is key when the buyer is not so up to speed on what each and everyone is like. Help with financing, where to stay locally, is there a vet, tell me about the health care for my elderly mom, etc. It all comes up in the phone calls, emails, in person discussions when we are lucky enough to meet face to face in the office lobby.

Anywhere in the state of Maine, we are connected as a Maine REALTOR for close to four decades! Thinking of buying a Maine farm, a ranch, a homestead or whatever you want to term the real estate with usually lots of land attached? MOOERS REALTY is here to help you with the real estate show and tell to whittle it down to best solution possible for whatever type of property listing you need. 

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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