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Buying or selling Maine real estate is serious business. Emotional too because it involves good and bad, up and down periods of a person’s life when change is needed.

maineorganicfarmsIt is easier to buy a property in Maine when you don’t have a mortgaged one to sell too.

So the fine art of listing, marketing,  pitfalls. The twists and turns that can cause a property sale train wreck. Requiring  careful study, guidance and direction.

Our Maine real estate blogs showcase the local area, put it on the hinterland map.

Help explain the process, define realistic expectations and show case how the dog and pony real estate process evolves.

Since the invention of a little device called the Internet. To spread the word on the local areas of Maine and the property listings to consider buying in Vacationland there has to be some discussion with real estate buyers and sellers.

More than one horse in any race means better odds of finishing in the top third.

To win more than just one ribbon. And in today’s world of no time, drive through quick delivery any hour of the day expected please, chop chop right now is critical.

And dominating the front page of a search engine for Maine real estate related terms, local community information means working hard to own that search engine index.

Because you and I know spending time on line, delays in getting what we are after means six seconds maximum hold time. Before we back out. Neck rain the mouse around, give ‘er the boots. And keep looking down the Internet marketing trail. To find what we came after.

Information on more than property listings in Maine is what any real estate blog that is worth it’s weight in salt should provide consistently, predictably.

Every real estate webstie visit to assure another happens. Building a relationship for life. Exchanging some information for the time spent to mine it. Not slam bam over and over boring market reports on the state as a whole.

Real estate market reports and the current trends are all great for the bean counter in the audience.

Or for a quick copy and paste insertion that did not require much effort for a cheap hit of SEO Google juice. But giving the reader of the Maine real estate blog something more. Zeroing in on the target area of the state they are hungry, thirsty for more information on.

To explain why there is a shortage of this type of Maine real estate listing and how an investor could fill that void by developing something.

hunting for houses maineOr why it will remain this way for peace of mind that no change overnight which is not going to happen here in Maine.

Like it exploded which it did in the last known address for the real estate buyer or seller.

The Maine real estate blog posts also talk about people, human nature not just empty property buildings and land acreage.

Why when eight of our ten of us is like it or not, are jammed in an urban setting. In a city where folks pack tightly together like sardines. And everyone is not so hand stand, jump up and down happy about it either.

So dreaming about a place like Maine, where there is space. The 4th lowest state crime statistic to go with it. All this natural, unspoiled beauty is what’s for sale.

The lifestyle, the small Maine town where everyone pitches in and makes home made special, local events happen.

Where family values still exist and money is not everything. Not the end all to making a good life in rural Maine. Money and time used to do more good for others than just to impress and the personal satisfaction to create envy or relay a sense of  hoity-toity status. Yuck.

Variety is the spice of life right?

Luckily people don’t come in just 31 flavors like ice cream.

Please follow this, our red site Mooers Realty Maine Real Estate Blog posts. The one with a little different approach to fill the gaps on our blue site, the Own Maine Real Estate Blog. Or for just the flavor, the community splash and just the lifestyle, the 800 entries on the Me In Maine Blog help round out the marketing music.

The industry standard Active Rain Maine Real Estate Blog has close to 3000 posts about a zillion, slew of subjects. Subscribe to our Active Rain Mooers Realty Maine Real Estate Blog Post feed.

All blogs some how tied, linked to Maine real estate related topics.

mainebullbarnwinterExplored, hashed, revisited, updated and pounded out daily.

Hunt and pecked to spread the word on life in Maine, the property listings and real estate related topics that show and tell here.

As life changes, the information, news about it does too. And there’s nothing like a blog daily post to reflect it.  

Like having the reader on board and living local in Maine.

Among the fewer but way way friendlier people than they are accustom to on the other end. Maine local communities are filled with helpful people working hard to improve their areas and to raise a family right.

To relay what is happening here to wherever you are now, that’s our job beyond just real estate reporting. Our Tumblr Maine Real Estate microblog is quick and easy and one additional to the information media moving family we use for the delivery job.

If you are just after your information one picture at a time, double click the Flickr Mooers Realty Photostream.

See what we are so excited about. Why we live, work, do for fun here on a still frame at a time in. Captured from all four seasons. Outdoors in Maine where we spend most of our time.

Or tap into the full motion sight and sound delivery of area information, property listings with our Maine real estate video channel. the by far easiest, most complete experience on line to get what you came in off the Internet for.

houltonmainehomesSimple, easy, memorable. Fun to share, deliver from this end n a variety of Maine blog post topics.

To complete what ends up behind your eyes, between your ears wherever you are tapping in from around the planet Earth.

Here to help when you are ready. Looking to buy or sell Maine real estate or just needing to graze on blog post topics to get up to speed?

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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