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Save them time, the Maine real estate buyers and sellers.

Time is money and in short supply for over-booked property owners and purchasers. The by far best way to save anyone thinking of buying or selling is by use of video. The connection is instant. The delivery of information using the eyes and ears is hooked up like a vital IV. Video channels to be effective needed to be treated like a garden though. Tilled, smoothed, planted, fed, cultivated, harvest (repeat).mainechevy maine photo

Society as a whole is not so crank on trusting strangers.

The best way to stop being a stranger is to start helping others.

To be a helper it starts with a quick story of who you are as a Maine real estate professional excited about living in Vacationland. To establish a relationship as the local expert, your neighborhood partner who plans to stay your real estate broker for life. Beyond one property listing transaction.

Once the buyer or seller of Maine real estate is convinced “okay, you can be my agent or broker” the treatment changes from who I am to here is what you need to know. The same questions come up from anyone new to the area. So a local information 101 session has to start quickly. Because this buyer and seller are very busy, it is often late at night and they want to start the process before lights out. For the short wait for Mr. Sandman once the head is in the bed. And hopefully good dreams, not real estate nightmares. Buying or selling real estate in Maine should be a positive experience. It can be fun if the red flags are seen. And the potholes ahead are avoided based on real estate experience.

This video for FAQ on Maine is always showing up on Internet searches.

Idling, waiting like a tax cab driver to hit the accelerator. To push the pedal to the metal to speed to deliver the information the buyer or seller needs right now. Not tomorrow morning on a 9-5 schedule or days from now as everything is put on hold waiting for information.

It helps if upfront the website portal for real estate in Maine is set up for easy navigation, nothing to make the user feel dumb. You don’t have to have a black belt in website maneuvering to use our Maine real estate website. Our local Northern Maine agency also maintains more than one real estate website for properties. Why? Because everyone drives a different kind of car for a reason. The approach is a little different, how we stock the real estate listing and local information shelves is a tad varied.

We blog daily and think constantly of what needs to be written and posted. Like a jounalist planning what is the next story to broadcast. To know the audience and build on what has already been posted. To add new information to supplement it. To share information about the local area of Maine we live in and those we explore around us.

In small rural towns in Maine, which most are, there is very limited information for some one online, outside the surroundings to tap into quick and easy.

That is detailed and rich in imagery, helpful links and pure raw information. NASCAR quick to squeal in and out when time allows. But the message made memorable. We like to do 2000 word blog posts to drill down into for as long as the real estate buyer or seller has to spend on their end. And to hopefully revisit for more or to continue the process. But the bullet points, quick links to recognize what the buyer or seller is after and to keep them running. To do everything they have to juggle. We get it. We are time managers too and appreciate efficiency, simple deliveries.mainehorses0

I realize as a Maine real estate broker that the buyer or seller has lots of other things competiing for their time.

The health issues, kid concerns, work related items each juggle reminds me to not waste their time.

To make every online session worthwhile and not cause frustration.

You and I have been in enough websites where time is wasted hoping for more of what the user stopped in for to make their day.

So cut to the chase, give them what they want quickly but in a way that it is retained.

Simplify not dumb down. Make it grab and go easy. So that the website user whether real estate buyer or seller can know come on back for more. On this topic, on a variety of others. As we explain the process from listing a home, mistakes made buying or selling one or any other type of property in Maine.

But my job is more than establishing a local connection for the buyer or seller to utilize for information.

The connection goes both ways. I need to be asking the other end of the signal questions. To do more than share the room count, number of bath and sizes of the living areas inside or out of each and every listing. That is the technical stuff, the buyer or seller has set of needs hooked to the housing. The one they currently own, those in the past and the all important next home that I have a hand in locating for a perfect fit. Or as close to that as possible for a glass slipper fit considering all the factors that influence the final housing product.

(DISCLAIMER: Mooers Realty does not just list and sell homes, houses in Maine. Eyeball this site and see land, waterfront, farms, commercial apartments and business properties are on showcased on the real estate menu too!)

I need to dig deep into what they loved about any house they called home. What they also were not so fond of and why. To avoid more of the same of what they don’t want in their next purchase if at all possible to avoid. The list of what they gotta have and what they don’t want has an order to it. It is important to establish the ranking today of what the buyer sees for an ideal housing situation. For me to formulate what it looks like to know what to suggest from the real estate box of housing chocolates to sample.

Lots of factors, like the age of the buyer changes the needs in the housing.

The hobbies and lifestyle they plan to have the property match is important stuff. No one has the same real estate needs. Not every wallet or purse used to buy the listing is the same size either. Potential to have this or that is just as important as the current features of a property listing. Because the buyer can live with it this way as long as in time the bottle neck is cleared up as money opens up to fix the situation. Timing in life is just as important as the three location, location, locations everyone has been taught in property purchasing or selling.

Sizes of the rooms of a house or shop or business building, whatever. It takes adding those details. Even what brand of appliance is important to folks in the audience. All the buyers and sellers of real estate have had experiences that color their preferences today. Being able to differentiate this property from that listing is so so important to time saving. Without information collected and loaded up in the narrative description, the property is lost in the MLS space. That is one big conveyor belt of property but not so great at helping the buyer sort out the ones to consider or discard.hero the maine cat

The buyer should not have to physically visit every property listing to determine if this one works or not.

They don’t have time and the portals for real estate that realize this are the ones most buffet filled with the good stuff.

Otherwise the sea of sameness that has hit most things in society today hits the real estate channel. So they all sound pretty much the same. But still waste time pouring over the details to find the information that helps filter out the keepers.

Price is not the only factor that determines whether a property sells or not.

The marketing better be top notch but other factors like a seller who is never home. Who won’t provide a key for access without his being present. That inconvenience setting up a showing is a delay most buyers don’t put up with either. They move on to something else because they have a life clock clicking loudly. Requiring them to stop waiting around and put the house buying process into high gear. Because often they got off to a slow start. Other mistakes real estate buyers make.

The financing the place process was not attended to with helpful suggestions from the real estate agent or broker. Here is a list of banking options in Maine to consider. Not only are there different bank rates, closing costs when you use a financial institution to mortgage a home, the service can drag. The further away the processing center is from the actual location of the real estate, the more the chances increase of the property sale derailing.

Sellers won’t wait around forever. They have a life to life before the flip side to eternity. And other buyers who are sniffing around the property listings considering a purchase just as soon as the sale pending sign rider is unscrewed from the top of the silent saleman parked in the yard. 

How many other properties are for sale currently can impact the real estate sale.

Too many to pick from means the best described, quickest to access if priced right will get to a real estate closing without a hitch. Here to provide the where to put all the real estate puzzle pieces and to point out the ones missing, how to obtain them. If you are buying or selling a property, if you don’t already have a Maine real estate agent or broker contract, let’s talk about the best strategy to meet your property listing goals.

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