Maine Real Estate Market Report Today

maine real estate market report

Maine real estate market report today, what do the listing sale numbers show?

Sneak a peek, squinting a little reveals the strong Maine real estate market continues to struggle with a shortage of inventory. Days on market for property listings for sale continues to dwindle.

maine listing prices
Maine Listing Prices, How’s The Real Estate Market Today?

Demand exceeds the supply and prices of Maine real estate since COVID hit two Marches ago continues to climb. It’s no secret that real estate is your best investment hedge against inflation.

This blog post hits the highlights of what is happening in the Maine real estate market report today.

But like wanting a hamburger and getting served up a cow, shine that bright light over here. As a closer look at Maine real estate market report today segments happens to study what’s happening around the state.

Here is November 2020 Maine real estate numbers compared to same month this year.

Listing inventory available this November 2021 shows 3191. The number of property listings on the current market this same period a year back showed 4851. That’s an over 34% drop of active listings to test drive in the inventory market snap shot. This Maine real estate market report is all about residential units statewide.

Absorption Rate, Sold To List Ratio For The Maine Real Estate Market Today.

Like a weather forecast, one size does not adequately hit the bull’s eye on each individual market within a real estate market in Maine however for houses.

It leaves out what is going on in the Maine land real estate listing sales sector. Maine land, that specific real estate market is left for another blogging day. So much Maine land is cash or owner financed and no bank delays. No appraisers, no home inspections, less layers of players for the Maine land real estate market listing and selling.

Today is definitely a seller’s market no matter what kind of listing an agent, broker, REALTOR is peddling.

Maine is a pretty popular location due to all the outdoor unspoiled natural beauty. But also “Vacationland” is a big state with less people. It all distills down into friendly helpful people, lower real estate prices, no traffic, little crime. Small population rural towns, which Maine has 400 of those, are tightly connected. People care about each other in small Maine towns.

Checking in on a shut in, helping out down at the snow sled, ATV or fish and game club.

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Folks, Heck Even The Wildlife Gets Along Better In Maine. Less People, More Space, Less Hassle.

Heading up a little league team or teaching Sunday school. The circles are smaller and more personable in small Maine communities. What is missing due to lower sparse population helps insulate Maine from what many real estate buyers are trying to escape.

The high cost of living and city pressures of the concrete jungle. As the atmosphere gets highly charged nationally, folks are looking for an evacuation plan. Maine is one ideal landing spot. To get below real estate and life radar and have plenty of peace and quiet. Instead of drama and hubbub.

The property listings are cheaper, the market report for Maine real estate listing sales bears it out compared to most other areas.

The quality of life in Maine coupled with low cost property listings and small town values makes Maine win win win. IF high speed Internet is long and strong to keep folks connected.

COVID zoom meeting have shown you can work from home no matter where you hang your hat. The Maine real estate numbers November 2020 to 2021 show when the dust settles 1430 new listings down from 1666 over the twelve month period.  This represents over a 14% drop of new Maine listing inventory for buyers to shop.

Telecommuting remotely, working a job online from your new home away from home in Maine.

The trend is increasing as people reverse the trend to head to the cities because that used to be the only location to consider for jobs and work advancement.

Sold listings in the Maine real estate market report from November 2020 fast forward to 2021 the same month show 2316 down to 2090.

This Maine property listing sales volume represents a statewide 9.8% market decline for SOLDS.

The median days on market cut in half November to November from 16 to 8 days. The absorption rate is up close to 48% in this real estate market tally for the same period. We are talking residential Maine real estate market report data looking back over the last twelve month period of listing sales.

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Small Maine Towns Are More Like Really Large Families. The Connection Is Tighter, Richer, Home Grown Close To Home.

The put under contract numbers show 1781 off from 1807 over the  12 month period in the current Maine real estate market report.

maine potato farming
Learning How To Work On Area Maine Farms. It Helps Youth Develop Work Ethic!

It boils down to a 1.4 decline in sale pending property listings in the Maine real estate market November to November. Statewide the property listing prices for the Maine real estate market is up close to 20 percent. Residential home sales in Maine, the inventory is getting hit hard and number of available unit listings is under attack.

Building cost materials are high and there is a delay in getting new construction residential units ready for move in and bank financing.

Existing residential properties in the Maine real estate market are very attractive now… especially if they come with a quick occupancy as winter settles in.

Maine communities are smart to push hard to connect that “last mile of Internet” connection.

Luckily, where I live, Internet is fast, dependable, affordable. You get the best of both World… living in Maine full time, working online the 40 weeks or more. And everything you used to pay for real estate, divide by two, three or more. Heading to Maine means you are traveling in the right direction. Come for a day, end up staying a lifetime in Vacationland. Learn more about Maine.

Why Maine? Because of a slew of reasons… Maine is the way life should be.

Low cost Maine real estate is just the icing on the cake, the cherry on top! Stay tuned for how the listing sales for properties in Maine market is rock and rolling. Being a little ways up Interstate 95 helps insulate us, protect the area. We are in our own World up here in the sixteen counties of Maine! Short and sweet, making it complete. That’s your Maine real estate market report today.

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