Maine Real Estate Sales | Sleeping With One Eye Open.

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Maine real estate sales, it’s all about attracting the attention of more buyers.

Property listings in Maine need to be seen by the largest audience possible. And videos do a round the clock delivery using the eyes and ears too.broadcast towers photo

Nothing like seeing, hearing all about the local area events in Maine late at night wearing your jammies.

The property for sale in the area of Maine. Where the community happenings occur, the local flavor impresses people.

Simple living, low crime, four seasons, less traffic, more wildlife. And plenty of drop dead gorgeous four seasons beauty, scenery included for free.

But keeping it all a secret, only cueing in the locals is like flirting in the dark.

Winking, hoping something good comes out of the eye action. Playing footsy. Sending signals. Hoping for good results, a connection that leads to more.

Marketing property listings in Maine is no longer an Monday through Friday 8-5 job.

Not just catering to, chasing a local audience either. 

 The buyer locally or out of state, in another counttry is crazy busy. Needs the fuel up, to dine at the fully stocked buffet. Of newest, freshest property listings just put on the market under the sneeze guard. To see price changes.Sample the wares.

It’s a lot like looking for a property parking place, space.

Circling like a parking lot shark. The search is not once and done. It is an on going process. Considering which one is “it”.

For the most important, birds nest photohighest priced purchase most folks ever make in their lifetime.

In getting to the part about signing on the dotted line.

Promising to pay a thirty year mortgage home loan obligation.

The stakes are high. It’s where to raise that family.

Set down roots. And become involved at a tax payer in a Maine small town community.

So marketing Maine real estate, I sleep with one eye open.

The brokerage means I may doze, but we never close. That’s the attitude when fishing, hunting for more buyers. For them to consider purchasing the property listings in Maine. That need to be sold quickly.

It is all about being found online.

All over the Internet when the buyer types in “Maine Real Estate Broker”. With thumbs or whatever combination of fingers. fireworks 4th of july photo

All types of Maine real estate for a vast selection is apply the old addage.

You can not sell meat from an empty wagon.

Differences in price ranges, various locations, all kinds of styles and features.

All on the menu. Available to sample all day and night long. Holidays especially too.

Because the days of just chocolate and vanilla ice cream only flavors are over.

Everyone has special needs, property requirements to make the leap from A to B. And limited time to do the “home work”. Other stuff to crowd, try their attention span during their day to day.

So drive through quick, don’t tease the buyer of Maine real estate.

They need help. Not to be annoyed or put off. Or made to work, dig, wait for what should be stocked online. All the time. Vending machine slots fully loaded. For when the buyer is ready. Has a window of opportunity. To look at this, this and well now. Would you take a look at that? maineharborboats4

And the side help of financing the property, getting the listing up to Maine home loan program information specifics.

To make smiles  appear on faces of bank underwriters.

So the mortgages, the loans on Maine homes can be peddled, sold  on the secondary market.

To get the lowest rates for the monthly payments of the Maine real estate buyer.

So the cost of money is reduced so more Maine house, a larger price tag can be handled.

To get the most bang for the buck.

No sign off at night like a local small wattage Maine television or radio station. Instead, it is beef up the signal to reach further all the time. Larger coverage area. Wall to wall clear channel loud, strong. For the best connection, reception possible. No static or dead air. All the time.

To create information transmissions for the outside buyer of Maine real estate to dial in, tune, lock on to the all important signal.

The one where it is show and tell easy to one by one get in and out of lots of properties. Listings the buyer finds interesting especially after hours.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

207.532.6573  |   |  MOOERS REALTY 69 North St Houlton ME 04730



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