Maine REALTOR State Convention At Sunday River In Newry ME

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The Maine REALTOR State Convention for real estate professionals wrapping up. Held this year, 2016, at Sunday River in Newry, near Bethel.

This ski resort in Maine high in the hills and not quickly accessed off an Inetrstate 95 corridor exit creates a different atmosphere for learning and networking about listing, marketing, selling property listings. Than the other venues used in rotation for state REALTOR conventions like the Samoset in Rockport or Bar Harbor or Portland Maine. maine fall colors photo

Here is the MAR “Take It To The Peak” schedule of events for the 2016 REALTOR Sunday River multi day razzle dazzle.

There are 5201 REALTORS in Maine this year but only about ten percent of those wearing the blue and gold “R” pin and paying the dues for their local regions attend these yearly gatherings. Obtaining continuing educational credits for the two year Maine real estate license renewal is easy by attending these yearly conventions.

Learning about what buyers and sellers today need and want is critical for survival. Because like every other industry, reinventing how we do what we do is necessary to avoid extinction. And to make sure every Maine REALTOR is tuned up and dialed in to being at the top of their game. In this sport some call an addiction, a jealous master.

As I slurp on a black, fresh coffee this morning, I reflect on past Maine REALTOR conventions.

And think about over 5200 state members, what those community real estate agents, brokers and card carrying REALTORS can do to improve Maine from the local level. Because Maine is a vast, rural, sparsely populated state and face with huge challenges to keep our children from being exported to meet “financial objectives” and career goals.

Streamlining and consolidation to avoid duplication of resources and forward thinking, leadership to re-tool the small Maine towns that are full of pride, rich history but struggling with today’s homework assignment. Worried about tomorrow and what needs to be implemented today, maybe a few years back that is causing us to veer off the correct path.

Internet connectivity to me is the most important to lure out of state, country new citizens to come into the 450 plus small Maine towns, the handful of cities in Vacationland.

Maine is a great place to live, work and play. But outward migration as jobs get exported overseas, across national and state borders mean something to replace the people who live on those intown and rural countryside mail routes. rafting penobscot river photo

Folks with an income to follow them here and volunteer their time and talents is one target audience to court and spark.

So is anyone that works online and needs speed, dependable bandwidth that takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

More than a week’s vacation in Maine destination. That is what is needed to keep the small Maine town machinery running and humming day in and out. All four seasons the outdoor recreation in Maine is fabulous, all natural, low or not cost.

And being this far north insulates, not isolates now that the Internet connectivity keeps us in touch with distant points that online telecommuters need to make their pay grade.

The 2016 National Association Of REALTORS Tom Salomore shared his year’s dreams, events with the Maine state group during lunch Wednesday here at the Sunday River ski resort.

Where the chair lifts were used for a fireworks display the night before and are lonely, idle. snow flowers maine photo

Waiting as leaf colors thanks to Jack Frost go brilliant bright, shades way way beyond just green.

And then one by one drift to the ground. To make way for snow, lots of snow to keep those guns that make it artifically idle and not spraying air and water day and night.

Tom’s big passion is the boys and girls club of across America.

He lives in Coral Springs Florida. In small Maine towns, the entire village reaches out daily and raises the kids up and are all somehow DNA related through blood as one big family. Kids are the entertainment, the glue in the connection and to think of less of them in small Maine towns to make them revolve and enrich is scary.

Smaller families of 1.6 kids means less coming down the pike. But as a REALTOR in Maine with lots of large older housing stock and all these bedrooms to fill, blended families that do create times of need for lots of bedrooms in the combination of his, hers, ours. With over fifty percent divorce rates in society, what we do in the list, twist and sell better reflect the trend and how we address it head on. 

Divorce affected real estate listings and sales handling is a niche in larger urban real estate markets believe it or not. Just like real estate that caters to a lifestyle, hobby or pent up life long passion to explore rather full or empty nested. When foreclosures, short sales, repossession real estate listings and sales were the climate nationwide, Maine still only weighed in as 46th lowest for FSSR.

Looking forward to the last morning session of the 2016 State REALTORS MAR convention breakfast session that starts soon.

So quickly wrapping up this hunt and peck session at the lap top keyboard and packing up, running through the shower and doing the same with a comb in the hair. More on this year’s MAR state real estate convention once back home in “The County” and settled in armed with new knowledge to approach the real estate list and sell experience a little smarter.

I’m Maine REALTOR Andrew Mooers, ME Broker

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